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Applications of PCD and CBN tools

2020-04-03 08:52:56


(1) automobile engine cylinder block processing PCD, PCBN tools

In recent years, with the continuous development, the automobile industry has become the pillar of the national economy. In addition to constantly improving the quality and performance of automobile factories, they pay more attention to the efficiency and cost of parts processing. The cylinder block is the key part of the engine, its key processing parts are: crank hole, cylinder hole, top surface, stop, etc.

(2) automobile engine cylinder head processing PCD, PCBN tools

From the cylinder head of each part of the size accuracy, position accuracy, shape accuracy and roughness requirements, usually used milling, boring, reaming and other tools, especially important is the seat bottom hole, pipe bottom hole, seat cone, pipe hole processing.

(3) automobile gearbox processing PCD tool

In the gearbox processing, to hole processing.

(4) piston, connecting rod processing PCD, PCBN tools

The main function of the piston and connecting rod is to transfer the explosive force generated by the combustion of mixed gases to the connecting rod through the piston pin, which pushes the crank shaft to rotate the crankshaft.

Because of the harsh working conditions of piston and connecting rod, under the environment of high temperature, high pressure and high wear resistance, the piston is required to have the characteristics of high precision and high wear resistance.

(5) camshaft, crankshaft processing PCBN tools

(6) roll and brake disc processing PCBN integral welding tool

(7) gear machining PCBN tool

Gear is widely used in machine tools, automobiles, ships and precision instruments manufacturing industries.

Gear material of good wear resistance, high manufacturing precision, good impact resistance.

PCBN tool can be used to replace the car grinding.

(8) PCBN tool for bearing processing

Using PCBN tool fine car hardened bearing steel(HRc>60), the cutting process is relatively stable, and the tool service life is long, can achieve the car instead of grinding.

(9) air conditioning compressor parts processing PCBN tool

Compressor is the core component of air conditioning, using high wear resistance PCBN tool.

(10) automotive composite PCD series tools

Modern auto parts are more and more made of die-casting aluminum alloy, with complex shape and structure. In order to meet the requirements of high efficiency and high precision processing of multi-step forming holes, PCD forming step reamer developed by using high-precision imported grinder and forming grinding technology plays an excellent role.

(11) PCD tools for aircraft composite material processing

The carbon fiber composite material of airplane wing has the characteristics of large toughness, strong wear resistance and light weight, etc., which cannot meet the processing requirements by using ordinary tools. PCD tools can reflect the characteristics of high hardness and wear resistance more than 100 times that of cemented carbide.

(12) medical equipment -- PCD tool for bone and joint processing of human body

The shape of human bones and joints is complex, and the contour accuracy and surface roughness are highly required. PCD tools have the characteristics of high precision and strong wear resistance in the processing of raw ceramic materials, and are widely used in medical devices.

(13) PCD tools for wood processing

The processing of mortise and tenon of wood floor, because have certain hardness, the use of PCD tool is more appropriate, can ensure the dimensional consistency under extremely large number of workpiece processing.

(14) PCBN tool for heavy duty cutting

Large cutting allowance (rough machining up to 10mm), long cutting distance (1,000 m ~ 1,500 m) processing occasions, PCBN tool is still a good choice.

(16) PCBN tool for grinding wheel mold

The grinding grain hardness of grinding wheel is very high, the surface hardness of mold is required to be high (die steel is hardened to HRC 60 ~ 64), good wear resistance.

Using PCBN tool fine car large grinding wheel mold to replace grinding, processing cycle is short, high processing efficiency, easy to operate.


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