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Moresuperhard offers a full line of diamond and CBN double disc grinding wheels and dressing stones for fine grinding machines and single/ double side lapping systems. A variety of grinding wheel diameters are available to suit your single side or double side fine grinding needs. 

double disc fine grinding


What is Double-Side Fine Grinding?

Double grinding is considered one of the "classic" grinding processes, when it is necessary to grind both sides of a workpiece, it can be done so that both sides are flat and parallel to each other. During this process, the workpiece is not fixed and is not fixed into the "nest" of the workpiece carrier. Then, both sides of the workpiece are machined simultaneously between the two grinding wheels. The upper wheel is adjusted with a "tilt" guide setting, which allows the upper wheel to maintain the desired angle with the lower wheel. Therefore, the gap between the grinding wheels is larger on the cross-cut side than on the discharge side, which can meet the required grinding volume. With regular dressing, the grinding wheel can maintain its shape and sharpness.



Application of Flat Diamond Lapping Plate: grinding the surface, suitable for steel, cast iron, copper, carbide inserts, PCD/PCBN inserts, hard alloy, ceramics, monocrystalline silicon and other processing. Moresuperhard specializes in top and bottom finishing of carbide inserts, ceramic, PCD and CBN inserts for diverse OEMs.

Diamond/CBN double disc can be widely used in hydraulic pneumatic components, hydraulic motor parts, automobile fuel pump parts, refrigeration compressor parts, oil pump oil. 

double disc surface grinding


Double disc lapping machines

Lapmaster Wolters, Wendt WBM, Viotoo, AMT, Stahli, Peter Wolters, Diskus, Agathon T&B, Fujisanki, Supfina, Melchiorre, Koyo, Lam Plan, Speedfam, Kemet, Gardner and other brands DDG machines.


Vitrified Diamond cBN Double Disc Wheels is made of grinding disc matrix and super hard diamond grinding pellets by epoxy resin adhesive, and can be made into various shapes such as Regular hexagon, sector, square ,circular, trigonometrical, hexagonal pellets (other shapes can be customized)

double disc diamond grinding wheel

Vitrified Diamond cBN Double Disc Wheels can be divided into

- vitrified diamond grinding disc (the color of diamond pellets are white and yellow)

- vitrified CBN grinding disc ( the color of CBN pellets are black or brown)

double disc surface fine grinding

( left:diamond       right:CBN)


Moresuperhard can also provide matching dressing grinding wheel of DDG wheel

According to the different particle size, accuracy of the diamond and CBN double disc grinding wheels to choose the dressing wheel, making dressing easier and more time saving. Mostly we use are silicon carbide(GC) dressing wheel while diameter is 205mm, grit 180#.

White corundum (WA) and green silicon carbide (GC) dressing wheels are introduced according to the characteristics and grinding performance of vitrified double disc grinding wheels.

dressing of double disc surface grinding wheel


Specifications of vitrified diamond cbn double disc wheels

grinding wheel

1A2, 2A2T , 6A2B 

D: 300mm - 1500mm

W(Abrasive layer width): 40mm - 350mm

X( Abrasive layer height): 3mm -10mm


Roughness 0.1um-1.2um,

double disc grinding



Roughness: Ra0.02μm-Ra0.2μm
Durability: grinding HSS slide (25mm*25mm),

The number of workpiece >= 1million
Grinding carbide blade, the number of workpiece >= 1million








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