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HPHT single crystal diamond are synthetic diamonds produced by high pressure high temperature synthesis under tightly controlled growth conditions.

The shapes of diamond plates include round shape, square shape, rectangle and hexangle shapes,etc.

The advantages of HPHT single crystal diamond plates:

* High toughness, wear resistance .

* High quality grade, pure color, better shape .

* Non-ferrous metal friction coefficient is low .

* The ideal ultra-precision cutting tool material .

* Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical stability .

HPHT Single Crystal Diamond Plates Are Divided Into Grade A, Grade B And Grade C

Grade A:with precise laser cut edge ,no missing angle,Clean crystal ,without any inclusions under the microscope

Grade B:a lack of angle,can see the minimal inclusions under the microscope

Grade C:a lack of angle, can see the visible inclusions and scrap inside under the lights

Application Of HPHT Single Crystal Diamond Plate

More Super Hard mainly produce industrial-grade single crystal synthetic diamond plate. It is used for cutting tools for non-ferrous and non-metallic materials , specialty tools (cutter, turning tools, carving tools,angle tools)

The mono-crystal diamond tools can achieve excellent cutting edge by grinding . And the surface finish can reach 0.025 micron or higher. Mono-crystal diamond tools are often used for...

Advantages Of MCD Cutting Tools

* High hardness and wear resistance

* It will be not easily sticking the cutter

* High efficiency and low cost

* To obtain a higher surface finish

Mono Crystal Diamond Tools





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