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PCD Grinding Wheel

Vitrified bond, Resin bond, Metal bond diamond grinding wheels for PCD tools, PCBN tools, MCD tools, CVD tools, ND tools, carbide cutting tools and cermet inserts. include different bonded polishing wheels for the lapping and polishing machine, 6A2 cup wheels for the EWAG RS series, Coborn RG series, MYTECH MT-188, MT-198 PCD grinding machines, peripheral insert grinidng wheel for the Agathon, EWAG ewamatic, Waida, Wendt etc. famous inserts grinding machines.

  • How to grind PCBN chamfer with vitrified diamond wheel
    07 July 2022

    How to grind PCBN chamfer with vitrified diamond wheel

    In the field of hard turning, PCBN polycrystalline cubic boron nitride inserts occupy a large proportion. PCBN inserts are widely used in hard turning due to their high hardness, good wear resistance,

  • PCD material grinding sharpening technology
    07 July 2022

    PCD material grinding sharpening technology

    Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a polycrystal formed by mixing micron-sized diamond powder with a small amount of metal powder (such as CO) and sintering at high temperature (1400°C) and high pressure (6000MPa). The disordered arrangement of diamond grains gives PCD uniform, extremely high hardness and wear resistance.

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