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What type of PCD TOOL do you grind?
(inserts,drill bits, reamer,wear-resistant tools)
Which part:
(end face, flank, surface, clearance)
Length of the PCD tip:
Stock Removal:
Accuracy Tolerance:
(5μm, 3μm or your need)

*If possible you also can send your PCD drawing to our E-mail.

What grind machine do you use?
Type and Model:
Spindle Capacity:
Grinding Wheel Speed:
Feed Rate:
Depth of Cut:
Coolant Type:

What kind of wheel did you use before?
Shape and Size:
Grit size:
(Rough , fine and grit size)
(Or your wish)

How many and what time do you need?
Required Delivery Time:

Other Requirements?

  • How to grind single crystal diamond tools with ordinary grinder?
    28 September 2023

    How to grind single crystal diamond tools with ordinary grinder?

    Moresuperhard provide vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding and sharpening single crystal diamond tools if your grinder can be used with coolant.Moresuperhard vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding mcd/cvd diamond cutting tools have many successful grinding cases.Therefor,ordinary grinder also can be used for single diamond tools with vitrified diamond grinding wheel.While,if you want to process high precision single crystal diamond cutting tools,It's necessary to purchase a professional single crystal diamond tool grinding machine.Moresuperhard also provide professional grinding machine for grinding single crystal diamond cutting tools.

  • Wonderful Review of The 16th A&G EXPO
    26 September 2023

    Wonderful Review of The 16th A&G EXPO

    Moresuperhard mainly exhibited ceramic bonded diamond products. It mainly includes ceramic bond optical profile grinding wheels, ceramic diamond peripheral grinding wheels, 10000# ceramic diamond grinding wheels specially used for single crystal diamond cutting tools grinding, back grinding wheels, and ceramic diamond cylindrical grinding wheels.

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