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Moresuperhard company is always focus on providing cnc cutting tools grinding solutions.Recent years,Moresuerhard continuously improve the formula, develop and produce diamond grinding wheels for fluting of cermet rotary tools .Moresuperhard diamond fluting grinding wheels are widely used in cnc cermet rotary cutter machining.

diamond grinding wheel for fluting

Diamond grinding wheel for Fluting      


 diamond grinding wheel for edge cleaning       

Diamond grinding wheel for edge cleaning 

 diamond grinding wheel for tooth grinding

Diamond grinding wheel for tooth grinding

Products characteristics

1.High chip rate, low grinding resistance, low grinding temperature

2.Large depth of cut, fast feed, high processing efficiency

3.Excellent shape retention Micro-vibration, low load, no damage to machine tool spindle

4.perfect edge quality

Specifications and drawing of diamond fluting wheel for cermet cutter

1A1 diamond sluting wheel for cermet drawing of 1A1 diamond sluting

D(mm) T(mm) X(mm) H(mm) Grit
75 10 5 20 D64
100 6,10,12 5,10 20 D46,D64
125 10,12,16 10 20 D46,D64
150 12 10 20 D64



1v1 diamond fluting wheel 1V1 diamond grinding wheel

D(mm) T(mm) X(mm) H(mm)
75 10


20 45
100 15 5 20 45
125 6,10,15 5 20 45
150 12 5 20 45

11v9 diamond grinding wheel for cermet 11v9 drawing

D(mm) T(mm) X(mm) H(mm)
75 3 10 20
100 2,3 10 20
125 3 10 20

CNC Grinder:Walter、Anca、Saacke、Rollomatic,Schutte, Schneeberger, Makino, TG-5, Studer, Strausak, Cincinnati, Griffo, Huffman,Jungner.

Grinding experiment of Cermet  end mills with diamond fluting wheel

Workpiece:6mm four-edged cermet knife, blade length 16mm

Diamond grinding wheel: Moresuperhard metal diamond  strong fluting wheel, outer diameter 100mm, thickness 5mm, grain size D35.  

Raw material: φ6 cermet bar of a well-known cutting tool in China.

Grinding machine: Beiping BPX5 CNC grinding machine.

Grinding paraments: 2 or 4 blades spiral flute, flute length 15mm, angle 45/35 degrees, line speed 23m/s, feed 20‐100mm/min, single  depth of cut 0.9‐2.0mm, a total of 11 pieces were processed.

Detection equipment: Keyence VHX‐6000, magnified 200 times for detection.

Grinding results:

1. On the premise of meeting the quality requirements of the cutting edge, the depth of cut is 1.05mm according to the standard 6mm tool, and the maximum feed rate can reach 80mm/min.

2. The maximum cutting depth can reach 1.5mm. At this time, the maximum corresponding feed rate is about 50mm/min, and the processing time of a single four-edged tool is about 150s.

3. After processing, the shape retention of the grinding wheel is good, the R angle increases from 0.1mm reserved during dressing to about 0.15mm, the outer diameter of the grinding wheel decreases by about 0.038mm, and there is no obvious clogging phenomenon.

shape retention of grinding wheel



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