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MORESUPERHARD provide private custom PCD cutting, brazing and grinding, regrinding solutions and services at first class. We also help resharpening and rebrazed the PCD machine tools at very good price. Surely, the effective PCD grinding wheels and grinding machines are our powerful core products which can match the EWAG, Coborn, MYTECH, Farman and any other PCD grinding machine perfectly because we can make different series grinding wheel for PCD with different grain sizes, area sizes, lengths, thicknesses, shapes, combined conditions with carbide substrate, as well as PCBN,CBN, CVD, MCD, ND, these superhard precision tools.

pcd cbn tools grinding


Our Journey

Experience is the best teacher. MORESUPERHARD was born with many years of experience in tool grinding, and its original intention was to help customers solve the problem of super-hard tool grinding.
2014:MORESUPERHARD founded.
2015: Established PCD division for solving super-hard cutting tools processing problems and established R&D center at the same time.
2017: Established grinding data collection and analysis center .The R&D center of MCD tool grinding was officially invested.
2020: Moresuperhard sucessfully producted 1mm ultra-narrow ring width vitrified diamond grinding wheel.
(The "Ceramic Grinding Everything" project was launched. Since entering 2020, Moresuperhard has specially established a "Ceramic Grinding Everything" project team according to the market situation, which is specially used to integrate the needs of customers for grinding various materials, including tungsten carbide, ceramics, cermets, PCD, PCBN, MCD and CVD, etc)
2021: Moresuperhard sucessfully produced 1μm ultra-fine-grained vitrified diamond grinding wheel.
2022: To be continued.

Developed Fine-Grained Grinding Wheels

MORESUPERHARD independent research and develop "533" and "053" series vitrified diamond grinding wheel to meet the needs of customers for ultra-small size PCD, PCBN tools grinding.
"533" is ultra-precision grinding wheel with particle size of 3μm
"053" is ultra-precision grinding wheel with particle size of 1μm

vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel for pcd

Constantly Improving Product Line- PCD/PCBN/MCD/CVD Grinding

Moresuperhard first developed fine-grained grinding wheels for high precise PCD tools process

pcd tools grinding

Because traditional tools cannot meet the high efficiency and high precision requirements of high-precision industries, PCD materials enter various industries as the world's hardest tool materials. However, while the work efficiency is improved, a problem is also exposed - the machining accuracy of PCD tools cannot meet the requirements. After many measurements and studies, it was found that the occurrence of this situation was caused by the excessive collapse of the tool material itself, and the main reason for this problem was that the quality of domestic fine-grained grinding wheels was not as good as foreign ones. In order to meet the needs of more high-end customers, Moao began to focus on the research and development of fine-grained grinding wheels. At present, it has successfully solved the problems of difficult PCD material processing, low efficiency, short life and unsatisfactory precision for customers.

Moresuperhard further increased the CBN tool grinding production line

pcbn tools grinding

In the process of solving different problems for customers, we found that affected by the material properties, CBN tools have more advantages than PCD tools in the processing of some iron arrowhead metals. moresuperhard further increased the CBN tool grinding production line. Up to now, we have developed two different bond diamond grinding wheels, ceramic and resin, which can meet the processing needs of multiple CBN tools according to the grinding processing conditions of different customers.

Moresuperhard now specializes in the grinding wheels for processing single crystal tools

MCD tools grinding

In recent years, with the rapid development of infrared, medical, and optical industries, single crystal tools have rapidly entered aerospace, mechanical weapon manufacturing and other industries. Even watches and jewelry that can be seen everywhere have begun to use single crystal tools for processing. According to customer processing equipment, industry precision requirements, and manufacturing capabilities, moresuperhard now specializes in the development of ceramic/metal bond grinding wheels, which are respectively applied to rough and fine grinding of single crystal tools, and have received many good feedbacks.

Strictly Quality Control

MORESUPERHRAD is engaged in quality control and outstanding service. All products and raw materials must pass quality inspection and will be shipped to customers.
♦ Strictly quality control for every-batch raw material (harness, crystal shape)
♦ Special high sharpness diamond for vitrified bond products
♦ Scientific production technology for excellent form and location tolerance
♦ Personal tailor of recipe, bonding agent and diamond concentration.
♦ Customized wheels formula to achieve perfect grinding

 Diameter inspection of vitrified diamond grinding wheel  Wheel end jump detection
diamond abrasive materials detection  double sided dics detection

MORESUPERHARD production covered

1. Vitrified bond, Resin bond, Metal bond diamond grinding wheels for PCD tools, PCBN tools, MCD tools, CVD tools, ND tools
- 6A2 cup wheels for the EWAG RS series, Coborn RG series, MYTECH MT-188, MT-198 PCD grinding machines
- peripheral insert grinidng wheel for the Agathon,  EWAG ewamatic, Waida, Wendt etc. famous inserts grinding machines. 
- cylindrical diamond wheel for PCD reamers
- diamond wheel for single crystal tools
- double sided diamond disc for efficient grinding of tools in batches
- different bonded polishing wheels for the lapping suits different polishing machine.
2. Superhard Cutting tools blanks like PCD cutting tool blanks, PCBN cutting tool blanks, MCD blanks, CVD blanks.
3. Grinding machine for PCD,PCBN, CVD, MCD, ND tools especially MYTECH MT-188, MT-198 PCD grinding machine.
4. Dressing tools like WA dressing stone wheels for the Coborn RG9, RG9A,  vitrified bond diamond dresssing wheels for the MYTECH MT-198 PCD grinding machine, which project is one high effeciency online dressing system research and develpment projfect between with MYTECH PCD grinding machine company and MORESUPERHARD.Surely we supply the dresssing sticks and dressing methods for the vitrified, resin and metal bond diamond grinding wheels for the PCD and PCBN cutting tools.
5. EDM and Laser cutting machine for PCD, PCBN materials.
6. Brazing machines and brazing materials, include the high induction frequecy brazing machine and materials and vacuum brazed machine and materials.

Regrinding/Resharpening and Retipping, Hole Grinding Service

pcd retipping PCD Dead Center for High Precision Shaft Machining precision hole machining

  • Electroplated diamond tools
    13 June 2024

    Electroplated diamond tools

    Electroplated diamond tools are a type of high-performance cutting and grinding tools that use an electroplating process to attach diamond particles to the surface of the tool substrate. The manufacturing process involves immersing the substrate in an electroplating solution containing metal ions, and reducing the metal ions on the substrate surface through the action of an electric current, which accumulates layer by layer to form a coating, while firmly embedding the diamond particles in it. Electroplated diamond tools have excellent wear resistance and cutting ability, and are widely used in the processing of high-hardness materials such as stone processing, metal cutting, glass and ceramics.

  • The Secret of Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel Manufacturing
    07 June 2024

    The Secret of Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel Manufacturing

    The vitrified diamond grinding wheel stands out as a marvel of engineering. These wheels are essential for the grinding of hard materials such as carbide, ceramics, and glass, offering superior performance compared to traditional abrasive wheels. But what exactly is the secret behind the manufacturing of vitrified diamond grinding wheels? This article delves into the intricate process and the advanced technologies involved in creating these powerful tools.

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