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The high frequency induction brazing machine has  advantages of induction heating speed, high efficiency, energy saving and low cost, the small oxidation area and the full solid welding, etc


Working principle diagram of high frequency induction welding machine


induction brazing machine


Applications of High Frequency Induction Brazing Machine

- Diamond PCD and PCBN tools, diamond saw blade brazing, sawtooth welding

- Brazing/welding of carbide tool ( such as turning tool, milling cutter, drill hot rolling, pliers, hammer, wrench, cutting pliers, etc)

- Composite brazing/ welding of metal materials. Heat treatment of auto and motorcycle parts, hot piers of standard parts, nut hot piers, copper standard heating

- Glass steel alloys frame brazing, small bearings quenching, annealing etc.

- Jewelries brazing, watchcase annealing and clock outer quenching.

- Electronics products brazing/welding/heating

- Precise mechanical parts brazing/heating.

- Stainless steel strip annealing etc.

- Melting of gold, silver, copper, brass of little amount

high frequency induction brazing machine


Technical Parameters of High Frequency Induction Welding Machine

Input Voltage

Single phase 220v 50-60HZ ,

Three-phase 380V /50HZ  

Output oscillatory power

3- 35kw

Oscillation frequency


Current input


Duty cycle

100% 40°




Input powder


Input voltage

One phase 220V;50-60Hz

Oscillation frequency


Cooling water pressure









Input powder


Input voltage

Three phase 380V;50-60Hz

Oscillation frequency


Cooling water pressure








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