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temperature solder cream

Contains active solder titanium, which can weld monocrystalline diamond, CVD, PCD, PCBN. Currently mostly used for welding of monocrystalline diamond,It requires high vacuum degree (10-2Pa) and high strength.







temperature solder cream

Contains active solder titanium, which can weld monocrystalline diamond, CVD, PCD, P.0CBN. Currently mostly used for welding of PCD,It requires high vacuum degree (10-2Pa)

Advantages of vacuum brazing:
1. Vacuum brazing can achieve mass production, it can produce more than 200 tools at a timeAdvantages of vacuum brazing:

2. Easy to operate, more convenient is that multiple cutter heads on one cutter can also be welded at the same time

3. Increase strength and guarantee welding consistency


Vacuum brazing process:

First Step:Smear

Manually apply solder cream to the welding seam, place the cutter head, and use the viscosity of the solder cream to fix the cutter head in a suitable position.

Second step:Put into the furnace and warm up

Put the cutter in a vacuum furnace, and keep the pumping state during the welding process. when the vacuum reaches 10-2Pa, start to heat up, and keep the temperature at 300℃ and 500℃ for 3 minutes each. When the temperature rises to 20℃ below the solid phase point, it is held for another 5 minutes and then raised to the welding temperature for another 5 minutes. (The temperature and holding time here can be adjusted appropriately according to the actual conditions such as the power of each vacuum furnace, the number of parts to be welded at one time, and the size of the workpiece.)

Last step:Cooling

With the furnace cooling, continue to keep the air extraction state, until the temperature in the furnace is lower than 200℃, can not open the furnace to pick up workpiece.

Storage of solder cream

When the solder paste is not in use, it needs to be sealed, stored at room temperature and in a cool place; it can also be stored in a refrigerator freezer after being sealed, and the set temperature can be within 5-20℃.

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