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Grinding Case-Peripheral diamond grinding wheel

2024-04-19 14:16:28

Applications of Peripheral diamond grinding wheel


Diamond peripheral grinding wheels are used for peripheral grinding of PCD, CBN, carbide, ceramic, cermet and other indexable blades, flat blades, milling cutters, cutting blades, brazing blades, and machine clamp blades. At present, Moresuperhard peripheral grinding wheels have been successfully equipped with domestic and foreign mid-to-high-end peripheral grinding machines such as Hypertherm, Tiantong, Weize, WAIDA, EWAG, AGATHON, and WENDT, and have received unanimous praise from customers.

peripheral grinding

Features of Moresuperhard 's Periphery grinding wheel


1. There is almost no clogging during the grinding process and no need for trimming;

2. The cutting edge of the grinding workpiece has consistent quality and high smoothness;

3. The grinding efficiency is 30%-50% higher than that of its peers, and the service life is increased 2-3 times;

4. Magnified 300 times under the tool microscope, the chipping of the blade can be controlled within 3 μm;

5. It can comprehensively improve grinding wheel performance, save manpower, improve processing efficiency, minimize production loss and downtime, and truly help customers reduce costs and increase efficien

vitrified bond diamond peripheral grinding wheelresin diamond peripheral grinding wheel

Grinding Case 1-Vitirified diamond peripheral grinding wheel


  Moresuperhard vitrified peripheral diamond grinding wheel Other vitrified diamond peripheral grinding wheel
workpieces CCGW-PCD inserts
Dressing No dressing required after install The grinding wheel has runout after installation and needs to be dressing
Single inserts grinding time 3 minutes and 6 seconds 4 minutes and 25 seconds
Abrasive layer consumption of a single blade 0.023mm 0.045mm
Number of blade grinds in four hours 50pcs 30pcs
Grinding wheel speed 2500 1500

peripheral grinder

The peripheral grinding wheel used by the customer before was worn out quickly and had to be trimmed frequently, so it needed to be improved. Under the same grinding conditions, the MORESUPERHARD peripheral grinding wheel requires almost no dressing, the efficiency is increased by 31%, and the grinding wheel life is doubled.


Grinding Case 2-Peripheral grinding unstandard PCD inserts


The customer originally used European brand grinding wheels, which had low grinding efficiency. The efficiency of using Moao peripheral grinding wheel is doubled.

Workpieces unstandard PCD inserts
Grinding machine EWAG
Grinding Wheel specifications D200*H40*T50*W5*X10
Total number of sharpening tools per grinding wheel 1430
Single inserts grinding time 8minutes
Abrasive layer consumption of a single blade 0.007mm
Grinding efficiency Under the same grinding conditions, the Moresuperhard peripheral grinding wheel is twice as efficient as the previous grinding wheel.
Grinding wheel services life 50% improvement compared to the original grinding wheel

peripheral grinding machine

Customers can grind the same type of PCD, CBN, ceramic, cermet, alloy blades, cuttingtools, or parts, but if you buy a different peripheral grinder, the grinding wheel will be different, and the particle size of peripheral grinding wheel you buy will be slightly different. There are differences, mainly in the diameter of the grinding wheel, the way the grinding wheel is fixed, and the rotation speed is not necessarily the same, but in the end they can all grind the same type of blade. Since its establishment, Moresuperhard has been exclusively providing users with complete solutions as a system supplier. Develop correct and professional grinding solutions for each of users' needs, helping users to respond quickly to changing customer needs and consolidate their market position.

If you encounter grinding problems, Moresuperhard can provide you with the fastest solution and the most suitable grinding products to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency. Moresuperhard has been taking action. So, how many customers around the world can ultimately be helped to save more time and production costs? Let’s wait and see! !

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