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The system spec of this vacuum brazing machine

● Main Frame : 1200x600x700H

● Quartz Tube : 100x500L

● Max Temperature : 1200

● Ultimate Pressure : 1x10-5 Torr

● Brazing Time : 30min Within (Cooling completion)

rapide vacuum brazing machine


The characteristic of rapide vacuum brazing machine



the complate time of one brazing operation

Easy to operate

easy to operate vacuum brazing machine


The brazing  process of vacuum brazing machine differs from conventional brazing, operating rapid vacuum brazing machine nearly do not  require  skill.

Braze strongly

chamers of rapid vacuum brazing machinepcd grinding


The chamber inside vacuum level is over 5×10 torr and it prevents a diamond from burning, and Keeps clean inside chamber.

All products inside chamber can be brazed under same atmosphere. So all brazing metals of products are same beautifully glossy showing after brazing.

CVD diamond and Natural diamond also can be brazed using rapid brazing machine

pcd grinding


By using vacuum brazing machine it is possible to braze CVD/natural diamond, solid PCD (PCD without carbide substrate), ceramics, etc.


The advantage of vacuum brazing machine

・ No oxdation

・Cleaning the base metal surface

・Degassing of the base metal and the paste

・Low heat indication

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