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Working process of vacuum furnace

Use a flux with a melting point lower than the connected workpieces, place it in a high vacuum chamber, and use infrared radiation to heat the workpiece and flux till temperature over the melting point of the flux. So that the flux becomes liquid with sufficient fluidity. Because of the capillary action, the flux will infiltrate over the surface between workpieces and joint the two workpieces after cooling down.

Advantages of vacuum furnace

※Easy to operate

※Do not require experience

※Lower the impact from manpower

※Quality remains stable

※Suit for PCD, MCD, CVD, Ceramic, CBN…materials

※Uniformly heated

※Avoid damages from pollution

※Clean and neat workpieces


Features of vacuum furnace

High-quality brazed joins

Less distortion during brazing process will result in less the weariness of the cutter blade and cost down. Our sensors detect the presence of the abnormal condition and power failure. All the information from the sensors will be sent and integrated into the information system

Time saving

The whole process time for a finished working piece only takes about 30 min.

Easy-to-use operation

Automated process with simplified interface served with push button operation only.


MoreSuperhard Vacuum Brazing Furnace can be used for wide range of tooling materials and it will reduce the deformation of the finished products. Tool materials can be placed in vertical, horizontal or oblique angle during the brazing process


Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Customer Premise Equipment




Compressed Air



Cooling Water



Main Frame



Quatz Chamber

(1)Quatz lnner φ150mm



(2)Quatz Holder 175Lx130Wmm





Heating Sytem


Heating lamp

1.5kw x 12 =18kw


Temperature control



The highest working temperature



Pumping system


High vacuum pump



Rotary pump



Ultimate vaccum pressure



Pimping down speed



Operate and control system


Operating panel

Color Touch Screen


Operating system

PLC Software


Date integration

Display screen with vacuum, temperature and parameters


Simplified operation

One Touch Auto Process Exeaution



Prevention of equipment damages frommisuse


Suitable Tool Material




Tungsten Carbide, Steel, Stainless, Ceramic


vacuum furnace

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