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vacuum brazing is often conducted in a vacuum chamber, this means that several joints can be made at once because the whole workpiece reaches the brazing temperature. vacuum brazing method realizes a shorter construction period, work environment improvement, enhancement of strength due to degassing and reduction of distortion due to wholly heating. The advantages include:

1.No oxidation, clean surface, environment-friendly .
2.Easy temperature control .
3.Brazing max temperature available up to 950° .
4.High brazing strength, 2 times higher than induction welding .
5.No tip loss due to heat during cutting .
6.Reduction of distortion even every small tool inserts can be brazed .
7.Can achieve mass production, can produce more than 200 tools at a time;
8.Easy to operate, more convenient is that a tool with more than one head can be welded at the same time;
9.Increase the strength to ensure the consistency of welding.
Brazing processing:
1. ultrasonic cleaning, put the work piece into the ultrasonic cleaning machine for 15-20 minutes .
2. brush on paste and put diamond. Set diamond tip on the shank .
3. Drying, adjust the drying oven at 210 degree for 10-30 minutes .
4. Shave extended paste  off .
5. Brazing, Put the workpiece into the high speed vacuum brazing machine, according to preset program welding. 
Vacuum brazing machine is used for brazing between superhard materials, tungsten carbide, ceramics and all kinds of diamonds. 
Materials : ND( natural diamond), artificial diamond, PCD, PCBN, CVD and cermet,etc.
Substrate materials : cermet,tungsten carbide,steel, stainless steel, steel alloy and ceramic,etc.



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