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What is Boron-doped diamond(BDD) electrode plate?

BDD electrode (boron-doped diamond electrode) is an electrochemical electrode made of boron-doped diamond material, which has the characteristics of high chemical stability, wide electrochemical window, low background current and high conductivity. It is widely used in electrochemical analysis, water treatment, electrosynthesis, and energy storage and conversion.

bdd electrode plate

Features of BDD electrode plate

Silicon-based BDD electrode plates have high stability and electrochemical activity, and have the advantages of long life, low energy consumption, and low pollution, making them have broad application prospects in the field of electrochemistry.

Niobium-based BDD electrode plates have good chemical stability, high electrochemical activity, high conductivity, high mechanical strength, and long service life, making them an ideal electrochemical electrode material.

1. Low adsorption: Diamond has adsorption properties for many chemical substances, and it is not easy to passivate and pollute the electrode;

2. High chemical stability: The surface of the diamond electrode is an inactive sp3 structure, which is very stable and can work stably for a long time in a strong corrosive medium.

3. Low background current: The surface electron state density of the doped diamond electrode near the Fermi level is low, and the electroactive sites on the electrode surface are separated by many insulating areas, resulting in a low background current;

Why choose  Moresuperhard's BBD electorde plate ?

1. High efficiency and low energy consumption, with excellent electrocatalytic performance.

2. Wide applicability: can treat various wastewaters, especially difficult-to-treat organic wastewater.

3. Low degradation sensitivity, easy to use and efficient: 4. The product size can be flexibly adjusted according to the demand for wastewater treatment.

Moresuperhard BBD electorde plate specifications

Sizes 230*140*1 (customized sizes)
Substrate Silicon,niobium
Surface roughness Ra<10nm
Shape Rectangle/round/square etc

Applications of BDD electrode plate

Electrochemical analysis: BDD electrodes are commonly used to detect various organic and inorganic compounds due to their low background current and wide electrochemical window.

Water treatment: BDD electrodes have shown excellent performance in electrochemical oxidation processes and are widely used to treat organic pollutants and pathogens in wastewater.

Electrosynthesis: BDD electrodes can be used for electrochemical synthesis reactions, especially those at high potentials.

Energy storage and conversion: BDD electrodes are also used in energy storage and conversion devices such as batteries, capacitors, and fuel cells.

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