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CVD diamond for optical windows

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond) Diamond Optical Windows are high-performance materials designed for demanding optical and infrared applications. They combine excellent mechanical strength, wide spectral transparency and high thermal conductivity, making them ideal for modern high-tech optical systems.

cvd diamond optical windows

Key Features of CVD diamon optical window

Broad Spectral Transparency :High transmittance from UV to far infrared (225 nm - 50 μm). Suitable for a variety of optical applications, including laser and infrared imaging.

High Thermal Conductivity :Thermal conductivity is up to 2000 W/m·K, which can effectively dissipate heat and prevent thermal damage.Suitable for applications in high-power lasers and high-temperature environments.

Excellent Mechanical :Strength Extremely high hardness and wear resistance, able to withstand harsh environments and mechanical stress. Extends the service life of optical windows.

Chemical Inertness: Highly resistant to most chemical reagents, suitable for use in harsh chemical environments. Ensures stability and reliability under long-term use.

CVD diamond optical windows specifications

Paraments  Specifications
Materials type CVD synthetic diamond
Sizes within 10*10*2
Transmittance range 225 nm - 50 μm
Optical transmittance(1mm thickness) 60%-71% 
Thermal conductivity Up to 2000 W/m·K
Refractive index 1064nm:2.392; 600nm:2.415
Chemical stability Highly resistant to most chemical agents

Applications of CVD diamond plate for optical windows

High-power laser systems

Protective windows for high-power lasers and laser processing equipment. Infrared spectrometers Provide excellent optical performance from UV to IR, suitable for infrared spectroscopy analysis.


Applicable to windows for aircraft and spacecraft, capable of withstanding extreme temperature and pressure changes.

Military and security

Optical windows for military optoelectronic systems and security camera equipment, providing high transmittance and durability.

Scientific research

Applicable to a variety of scientific experimental equipment, including optical components in high-energy physics and material research.

Size and shape: Customization services of various sizes and shapes can be provided according to customer needs.

Coating: Various anti-reflection and protective coatings are available according to application requirements.

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