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CVD diamond materials characteristics

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) single crystal diamond is a synthetic material with excellent properties. Its high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent mechanical strength make it an ideal heat dissipation material for high-performance electronic equipment. CVD single crystal diamond heat sink material is made through advanced chemical vapor deposition technology and has excellent thermal management capabilities, which can significantly improve the performance and reliability of electronic components.

large single crystal cvd diamond

The thermal properties of diamond

The thermal properties of diamond are reflected in its extremely high thermal conductivity. At room temperature, its thermal conductivity is 1000~2000w/m.k, which is 3~5 times that of copper materials. It is much higher than the thermal conductivity of currently used materials such as aluminum nitride, Cu-W alloy, aluminum oxide, and beryllium oxide, and is second only to natural lla type and high-pressure synthesized Ib high-quality single crystals. In addition, it has a very small thermal expansion coefficient and is a very good insulating material. Therefore, CVD diamond currently has an irreplaceable advantage in high-power semiconductor thermal management.

CVD diamond heat sink material has the following advantages

• Improve reliability and efficiency by reducing equipment operating temperature

• Reduce system weight and footprint

• Reduce or eliminate auxiliary cooling systems

Single crystal CVD diamond heat sink material information

Nitrogen content <50ppm
Young's modulus 1150-1300Gpa
Hardness (microhardness) 80-150Gpa
Friction coefficient


Thermal expansion coefficient 10-6·K-1
Thermal conductivity 1500-2000w/(m.K)

Diamond heat sinks can be used in thermal management components of optical communications, chips, laser diode arrays, 5G base stations, aerospace, high-power electronic devices, etc.

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