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PCD laser cutting machine   fiber laser cutting


There is no optical lens in the resonant cavity of the laser of the precision diamond fiber laser cutting machine.which has the advantages of adjustment-free, maintenance-free and high stability. Because of the high photoelectricconversion rate of the fiberlaser, there is no need for a water cooler, The power consumption of the whole machine is only 10% of the traditional laser cutting machine, and the performance and stability ofthe equipment have been greatly improved.

Laser cutting machines are widely used in the diamond industry. They can cut a variety of superhard materials with different thicknesses, such as cutting, punching, and pouring of PCD wire drawing dies, PCD composite sheets, CVD diamond, CBN composite sheets, ceramics, and silicon wafers  etc.


Laser Cutting paraments

laser power low power high power
1.6 cutting speed ≤100mm/min ≥200mm/min
2.0 cutting speed ≤60mm/min ≥140mm/min
3.2 cutting speed ≤10mm ≤45mm
heat affected zone ≤0.10mm ≤0.10mm
maximum cutting thickness  on one side 2.5mm 6.5mm
maximum cutting thickness on double side 5mm 13mm
table travel 200mm*300mm 200mm*300mm
maximum speed 500mm/min 500mm/min
rated power 1000W 2000W
physical dimension 1610*1253*800

Characteristic of Moresuperhard fiber laser cutting machine

1.Originated from the production concept of precision machine tools,which is more stable, more precise and more durable. It integrates advanced cutting concepts and techniques, and the operation is more humanized.

2.The cutting kerf is thin, the loss of the material to be cut is small, the cutting speed is fast, and the use cost is low.

3.Two-dimensional graphics of any shape can be cut

Products Advantage:

1.Advanced and mature fiber laser head makes cutting smooth, stable and operation friendly.

2. No consuming parts, except protect lens.,No cooling tank,Easy maintenance.

3. Fiber laser photoelectric conversion rate is high, running power is only 1/10 of YAG laser type.

4.Moresuperhard pcd laser cutting machine are most powerful for cutting thick PCD up to 8mm at overall thickness at higher speed than YAG laser type. .

Finished product display after Laser cutting

pcd worlpieces after laser cutting  pcbn workpieces

Case of cutting PCD blanks

Customer's requirements:Fiber laser cutting PCD inserts and PCD compat sheet

laser cutting pcd turning tools laser cutting PDC

laser cutting PCD turning tools

Laser Cutting Effect: the cutting surface is relatively smooth, and the diamond layer has no obvious burn marks and no obvious crack marks

Customers are very satisfied with the effect of laser cutting PCD

More details about PCD laser cutting machine


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