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The grinding wheel dressing process is an important part of the grinding process. The main purpose is to remove passivated abrasive particles, improve the sharpness of the grinding wheel, improve the concentricity or shape the profile of the grinding wheel.

Dressing grinding wheel with diamond dressing tools single point diamond dresser

Moresuperhard diamond dressing tools are mainly used for semi-fine grinding and finishing dressing of CNC grinding machines, ordinary cylindrical grinding machines, centerless grinding machines, and surface grinding machines. High-quality strip-shaped diamond is used as raw material. There is no need for sharpening and repairing during use, and the diamond can be completely consumed. The self-owned surface polishing technology makes the polished diamond have excellent smoothness and extremely low friction coefficient, and has excellent chip resistance. , The surface roughness of the processed workpiece is close to the processing effect of natural diamond.

Mainly Three Types Of Diamond Dressing Tools

Single point diamond dressers

single point diamond dresser drawing of single point diamond dresser

Application:dressing straight type conventional abrasive wheels. Dressing ceramic abrasive SG grinding wheels ,simple profiles, thread and gear grinding

Multi-point diamond dressing tools

multi-point diamond dresser drawing of multi-point diamond dresser

3 point diamond dresser

Application: large OD wheels, surface and centerless grinding wheels.It is used for auto parts, mould industry,and other precision machinery parts industry

Forming diamond dressers

forming diamond dresser drawing of form diamond dresser

Application: dressing specific forms into conventional abrasive wheels(formingarc, angle, groove radius and other complex profiles) .

Two types of forming diamond dressers: chisel type and cone type.


1.The diamond wears evenly and does not need to be sharpened. It is suitable for dressing all kinds of conventional abrasive wheels.

2.Allows higher individual feed rates and exhibits longer service life.

Diamond dressing tools using tips

Diamond dressor is generally used for dressing traditional grinding wheels. When using, we should pay attention to that the dressor and grinding wheel keep an Angle of 10 to 15 degrees, while the grinding wheel keep counterclockwise rotation.

diamond dressing tools using tips


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