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Single Crystal Diamond Tools Grinding Case

2023-12-27 18:03:41

Advantages of Single Crystal Diamond Tools

With the advent of modern integrated technology, machining is developing in the direction of high precision, which places very high requirements on tool performance. Due to the small friction coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity of single crystal diamond, it can cut extremely thin chips. The chips flow out easily. It has low affinity with other substances and is not easy to produce built-up edge. It generates little heat and has high thermal conductivity. It can Avoid the impact of heat on the blade and workpiece, so the blade is not easily dulled, the cutting deformation is small, and a higher quality surface can be obtained.

CVD diamond cutting toolsmcd diamond cutting tools

Customer CVD diamond tools grinding case

Workpieces :Inner concave MCD/CVD cutting tools

Grinding Requirement:Chipping control under 5μm

Grinding machine:Anca cnc grinding machine

anca fx5 grinding machineinner concave mcd tools

Customer try to use resin bond diamond grinding wheel for grinding CVD single crystal diamond tools,But there are two problems that need to be solved.

1.Chipping control:The chipping is not up to standard and cannot be controlled within 5μm.

2.Low grinding efficiency:The grinding wheel is consumed too quickly, but the amount of workpiece removal is not obvious.

Moresuperhard has rich experience in grinding CVD/MCD diamond cutting tools.Usually,vitrified bond diamond grinding wheels are more suitable for grinding single crystal diamond cutting tools and moresuperhard' fine grain sizes ceramic diamond grinding wheel has good performance in grinding diamond tools.

According to the customer's grinder, Moresuperhard  customizes a 1A1 parallel ceramic diamond grinding wheel for testing.Let’s look forward to a successful test result.

1A1 vitrified diamond grinding wheeldiamond grinding wheel for mcd cutting tools

Comparison of the grinding effects of single crystal diamond tools with different particle size ceramic diamond grinding wheels in Moresuperhard

Grain Sizes Chipping
W20 30μm-35μm
W10 15μm-20μm
W5 5μm-7μm
W1.5 3μm-5μm

grinding mcd tools

This is a grinding experiment data,the specific grinding results need to be determined according to the grinding machine and grinding parameter settings.

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