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The Procession Of Grinding Single Crystal Tools

2022-09-26 10:42:28

Advantages of single crystal tools in the field of precision machining

In modern times, some industries have higher and higher requirements for mechanized processing, not only processing "fast, stable, and long", but also "micro, small, and precise". Among the machining methods, the use of single crystal diamond tools to process ultra-precision workpieces mainly has high hardness and wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, small edge roughness, and very sharp cutting edge. Low coefficient of friction, no built-up edge during cutting.

machine workpiece with single crystal toos turning with single crystal tools

How Is Such A Precise Single Crystal Tool Ground?

1.rough grinding

moresuperhard can provide 800# or 1000# metal diamond grinding wheel (applicable to COBORN PG series grinding machine) or ceramic diamond grinding wheel for rough grinding of single crystal tools, both of which have their own advantages. Compared with ceramic diamond grinding wheels, metal diamond grinding wheels have longer life and better shape retention, and higher precision after rough grinding; ceramic diamond grinding wheels are more economical and cost-effective. Easy to trim, but a good choice.

grinding single crystal tools vitrified diamond wheels for MCD grinding metal diamond wheels for single crystal tools grinding

Of course, laser technology has also made great progress in recent years, and some factories also choose to use laser for rough grinding (which can also be regarded as cutting), which can also improve production efficiency to a certain extent, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the order after laser Whether there is black burn on the edge of the crystal.

2.finish grinding

At the stage of fine grinding, metal diamond grinding wheels and cast iron discs are mostly used. The particle size of the metal diamond grinding wheel for fine grinding is 6000#, and the fineest particle size of the grinding wheel can reach 10000#, which can meet customer requirements after grinding. If you use a cast iron disc for grinding, you need to add diamond powder on the disc, and finally process it to the required accuracy.

metal grinding wheel for finish grinding  CVD tools

There are also some users who choose to use ceramic diamond grinding wheels to finely grind single crystal knives, and they have also obtained good feedback. Like the metal grinding wheel, the finer grain size of the ceramic grinding wheel can reach 10000#, and the cutting edge of the tool can reach 3μm after grinding.

3.ultra finish grinding

Cast iron discs allow the final superfinishing operation. For ultra-fine grinding, diamond powder of 1 μm or less should be used. Before grinding, it is necessary to add diamond powder to oil or other similar substances and mix it into a grinding paste, apply it to the surface of the cast iron disc, leave it for a period of time so that the grinding paste can fully penetrate into the pores of the cast iron disc, and then pre-grind the surface to strengthen the diamond powder on the cast iron disc. Mosaic effect in disc pores. After this step is completed, the final grinding of the single crystal tool can be carried out.

cast iron disc for single crystal tools ultra finish grinding diamond polishing paste

In the specific grinding process, some customers will encounter some situations where the grinding wheel or diamond powder has a very fine particle size, but cannot always grind the requirements. This may be mainly due to two reasons: one is that the rough grinding edge is too large, and the fine grinding cannot be repaired; the other is that the fine grinding is mixed with large particles or blocked, causing the workpiece to be scratched.

moresuperhard can provide single crystal knife grinding wheels with higher stability for a long time to ensure the quality of rough grinding edges, help you save fine grinding time and cost, and improve fine grinding efficiency.


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