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CVD Diamond Tools Grinding Soultions From Moresuperhard

2022-11-29 12:11:22

Want to grind PCD and single crystal tools?


Moresuperhard can help you provide supporting solutions

Moresuperhard -vitrified diamond grinding wheels

Grain Sizes: 400# ~10000#

Application: PCD standard blades, turning tools, reamers, etc.                                                                       


1. Anti-vibration pattern, improve the surface quality of the workpiece;

2. Good self-sharpening and high grinding efficiency;

3. Quality control, high workpiece precision;

4. Focus on the research and development of fine-grained grinding wheels, with good surface finish;

5. The grinding wheel has a long service life, less dressing times and easy dressing.

vitrified diamond grinding wheel for cvd tools dressing wheel for vitrified diamond wheelswhite corundum


MYTECH --- PCD/CBN/MCD tools special grinding machine

Model: MT-198NC

Application: MT-198NC is a fully automatic grinding machine, specially suitable for PCD/CBN tool grinding, single crystal tool grinding.


1. German original CCD system and software to improve grinding accuracy;

2. The integral casting base reduces the chance of stress deformation;

3. Brushless servo motor, small size, light weight, high torque and high efficiency;

4. Powerful high-precision roller linear slide rails can meet different processing needs.

MT198NC pcd grinding machine


Ogura Gemstone Seiki---Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel

Grain Sizes: 400# ~ 10000#

Application: single crystal tool grinding


1. High precision of grinding workpiece;

2. Good stability, uniform abrasive layer and long service life;

3. High grinding efficiency and short processing time.

4. Reduce total cost.

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