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CVD Diamond Tools Grinding Soultions From Moresuperhard

2022-11-29 12:11:22

Want to grind PCD and single crystal tools?


Moresuperhard can help you provide supporting solutions

Moresuperhard -vitrified diamond grinding wheels

Grain Sizes: 400# ~10000#

Application: PCD standard blades, turning tools, reamers, etc.                                                                       


1. Anti-vibration pattern, improve the surface quality of the workpiece;

2. Good self-sharpening and high grinding efficiency;

3. Quality control, high workpiece precision;

4. Focus on the research and development of fine-grained grinding wheels, with good surface finish;

5. The grinding wheel has a long service life, less dressing times and easy dressing.

vitrified diamond grinding wheel for cvd tools dressing wheel for vitrified diamond wheelswhite corundum


MYTECH --- PCD/CBN/MCD tools special grinding machine

Model: MT-198NC

Application: MT-198NC is a fully automatic grinding machine, specially suitable for PCD/CBN tool grinding, single crystal tool grinding.


1. German original CCD system and software to improve grinding accuracy;

2. The integral casting base reduces the chance of stress deformation;

3. Brushless servo motor, small size, light weight, high torque and high efficiency;

4. Powerful high-precision roller linear slide rails can meet different processing needs.

MT198NC pcd grinding machine


Ogura Gemstone Seiki---Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel

Grain Sizes: 400# ~ 10000#

Application: single crystal tool grinding


1. High precision of grinding workpiece;

2. Good stability, uniform abrasive layer and long service life;

3. High grinding efficiency and short processing time.

4. Reduce total cost.

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    Moresuperhard provide PCD/PCBN blanks for cutting tools, laser cutting machine for cutting pcd/pcbn blanks,brazing machine for welding pcd/pcbn inserts,vitrified/resin diamond grinding wheel including cup wheel,peripheral diamond grinding wheel,cylindrical diamond grinding wheel suit your grinding machine ,CNC and manual pcd grinding machine all can we provide.Dressing solutions from Moresuperhard also available.

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