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Polycrystalline CVD diamond heat sink materials

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) polycrystalline diamond is a diamond material made by vapor deposition and contains multiple grains. Unlike single crystal diamond, polycrystalline diamond is composed of many small grains forming a polycrystalline body. This material has excellent thermal conductivity, high hardness and wear resistance, making it ideal for efficient heat dissipation applications in electronic and optoelectronic devices.

polycrystalline cvd diamond heat sink

Features of polycrystalline CVD diamond heat sink materials

High thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of polycrystalline diamond typically ranges from 1000 to 1500 W/m·K, which, while slightly lower than single-crystal diamond, is still significantly higher than traditional heat sink materials such as copper and aluminum.

Chemical stability: Polycrystalline diamond is highly resistant to most chemical agents, making it suitable for applications in harsh environments.

Electrical insulation: It is an excellent electrical insulator, preventing electrical shorts and electrical interference.

Polycrystalline CVD diamond details

Maximum diameter(mm) Thickness Minimum roughness Thermal conductivity
70mm 0.3mm-3mm 10nm 800-1500W(m.K)

Applications of CVD polycrystalline  diamond plate

High-power electronics: Used as heat sinks in high-power semiconductor devices (e.g., power amplifiers, power transistors) to ensure efficient heat dissipation.

LEDs: Help high-brightness light-emitting diodes manage heat, extend their life and improve performance.

Microwave and RF devices: Ensure stable operation of microwave and RF electronics under high heat loads.

Laser diodes and optoelectronic devices: Used in laser systems and high-performance photodetectors for thermal management and improved device efficiency.


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