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what is ultra precision dressing oil stone?

ultra precision oil stone is artifical stone.Strip-shaped bonded abrasives made of abrasives and binders are called dressing stone.dressing stone that the abrasive materials is diamond or CBN is called ultra precision dressing stone.it's used for super precision procession.moresuperhard provide two different abrasives(diamond/CBN)with three different binder(ceramic,resin and metal).

diamond oil stone
vitrified superfinishing oil stone utilizing diamond abrasive used for the final process of finishing cemented-carbide, ceramic,and glass materials.
ceramic diamond dressing stone resin diamond dressing stone
CBN oil stone 
CBN oil stone receives high recognition for a polishing process for bearing groove finshing and other high precision metal materials.
CBN dressing stone
application of ultra precision oil stone
1.polish ceramic surface
2.dressing diamond wheels
3.process PCD tools
4.machinery manufacturing, mold manufacturing, instrumentation and other fields

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    Moresuperhard is a professional PCD diamond tools grinding and regrinding solutions supplier.Moresuperhard provide all products line of process diamond tools including pcd blanks,mcd diamond plate,laser cutting machine,carbide substrate,brazing machine(high frequency brazing machine and vacuum brazing machine),diamond grinding wheel,pcd grinding machine,dressing tools.

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    PDC bit is the abbreviation of polycrystalline diamond compact bit, also known as polycrystalline diamond cutting block bit or composite bit. Since the introduction of PDC cutting blocks by the General Electric Company of the United States in 1973 and the development of the first PDC bit, the PDC bit has been widely used in oil drilling due to its advantages of fast drilling speed, long life and high footage. Almost all drill manufacturers have adopted this technology and started producing their own line of PDC drill bits.

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