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The dressing stone , dressing stick is an ideal choice for cleaning, opening or reshaping your grinding wheels to get the best possible grinding performance. 
The features of grinding wheel dressing stone:
High sharpening performance.
High grinding efficiency.
Wear resisting, long service life.
No scratch and jam, high hardness.

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  • How to Grind Precision Ceramic Materails?
    07 December 2023

    How to Grind Precision Ceramic Materails?

    In the process of ceramic processing, how to improve grinding efficiency, reduce surface roughness, and avoid the thermal impact generated during the grinding process are the main challenges. These challenges arise primarily from the hard and brittle nature of ceramic materials. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a grinding method with high grinding force and low grinding heat.Moresuperhard recommends using ceramic diamond grinding wheels as the main grinding tool to grind ceramic materials. Ceramic diamond grinding wheels have the characteristics of high grinding force, low grinding heat, and long service life, which can meet the needs of long-term and efficient grinding of ceramic materials.

  • Have you ever tried resin diamond periphery grinding wheel?
    07 December 2023

    Have you ever tried resin diamond periphery grinding wheel?

    As the indexable tool market becomes increasingly popular, the usage of peripheral grinding wheels is also increasing day by day. Moresuperhard has studied and upgraded the original formula, and specially launched the cost-effective, stable and efficient resin peripheral grinding wheel M-C1101, which serves many small and medium-sized tool companies.

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