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Diamond vitrified grinding wheels are designed for precision sharpening of cutting tools in the form of inserts  and cutting tools made of polycrystalline PCD, polycrystalline PCBN, natural diamonds and a new type of engineering structural ceramics.

The vitrified diamond wheel has uniform micro porosity allow wheel to cut sharp and aggresive prevent the clogging the wheel's surface.

11a2 vitrified diamond grinding wheel    


Application of vitrified diamond grinding wheel

Moresuperhard produce a wide range of diamond wheel in vitrified (ceramic ) bond for precision grinding, finishing, sharpening, peripheral grinding of PCD, PCBN, MCD and natural diamond.

- For PCD, PCBN super-hard cutting tools grinding 

- For PCBN cutting tools grinding 

- For polycrystalline diamond compacts ( PDC ) grinding 

- For tungsten carbide cutting tool grinding

- For ceramic tools grinding

11a2 vitrified diamond wheel


vitrified diamond wheel for pcd grinding



Specifications Of Vitrified (ceramic) Diamond Wheel

11a2 vitrified diamond grinding wheel










32 40

3 5 10 20




32 40

3 5 10




32 40

3 5 10 15 20


Grit: 325/400 W40(500#) W28(600#) W20(800#) W10(1500#) W7(2000) W5(3000#) W3.5(4000#) 6000#



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