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Basic characteristics of cermets

Cermet not only maintains the high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and chemical stability of ceramics, but also has good metal toughness and plasticity.

cermet rods

Advantages of Cermet Milling Cutters

1.Suitable for high-speed finishing of mild steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel

2.Excellent chipping resistance and wear resistance, excellent thermal conductivity is the best choice for steel processing

3.Long tool life during high-speed finishing

cermet end mill cermet rotary tools

Why choose vitrified diamon cylindrical diamond grinding wheel for grinding cermet rotary tools?

Cermet blades have both the hard and brittle characteristics of ceramics and the toughness of hard metals.Generally speaking, resin diamond is good at grinding hard and brittle materials, but hard and tough materials are easy to heat up when grinding, and resin is not heat-resistant, resulting in poor grinding efficiency and grinding wheel life. Therefor, vitrified bond should be selected Diamond grinding wheel, the heat resistance of ceramics, the grinding wheel has a long life, and can ensure that the diamond can be held in the case of a high edge.

cylindrical diamond grinding wheel for cermet

Characteristcs of Moresuperhard cylindrical vitrified diamond grinding wheel

►Good self-sharpening, capable of high-efficiency cylindrical grinding.

►The roundness and cylindricity of the processed cermet end mill have high precision and good dimensional consistency.

►The surface finish of finely ground workpiece is good.

►Suitable for coarse grinding, semi-finishing and precision grinding.

Products Details:Specifications and Drawings


3A1 cylindrical diamond grinding wheel for cermet drawing of 3A1 grinding wheel

14A1 cylindrical grinding wheel drawing of 14a1 grinding wheel

Model D(mm) T(mm) H(mm) X(mm) U(mm)




3A1 &14A1

300 20 127 10 10
350 20 127 10 6
400 35 152.4 10 7
Other specifications and models can be customized according to customer needs.

Suit different cylindrical grinding machine.

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