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How do you grind a reamer?

MoreSuperhard vitrified cylindrical diamond wheel is used for grinding PCD reamer. It enjoys high grinding power, long working life and good surface quality.

Grinding PCD reamer with the OD of the vitrifed diamond wheel . You may want to experiment with the sharpening first , as this is the area you will be grinding off to make the pilot anyway . For a straight reamer it's often enough to grind the reamer to size. Grind a slight back taper (about .001 over an inch) to prevent the reamer from sticking. If the margin (circular lands) gets too large you can relieve the edge, leaving a margin about .004. If you reduce the diameter too much you may have to resharpen the chamfered cutting edges. 

vitrified diamond wheel for pcd reamer


Applications of PCD reamers

- Cylindrical vitrified diamond grinding wheel is used for PCD tools grinding with large cylindrical grinding machines. The PCD tools in automotive industry include PCD profile cutters, PCD reamers and PCD milling cutters. 

- Reamers are an effective option for hole finishing. Reaming with a PCD tool allows the user to ream holes faster, to tighter tolerances and produce cleaner-edge holes than is possible with carbide or HSS tooling.

- Aluminum engine blocks also require the truer holes that PCD reaming produces to achieve required performance levels. Aerospace and automotive manufacturing industries.


Specifications of cylindrical diamond grinding wheel

3a1 grinding wheel
Model D(mm) T(mm) H(mm) X(mm) U(mm)

3A1/ 14A1

300 20 127 10 10
350 20 127 10 6
400 35 152.4 10 7

Grit: 325/400, W40(500#), W28(600#), W20(800#)

Other specifications can be made according to customers requirement. 

The case of cylindrical vitrified diamond grinding wheel for PCD reamer

Specification: 14A1-D350-H127-X10-U6-T20 ,W20

Machine Name:Micromatic machine (Model: GCU X 260 X 500 / S)  

Wheel RPM: 1500 rpm                                                                 

Operation: Cylindrical Grinding

Coolant Type: Flushing Type

Dressing Tool: In house dresser wheel

Workpiece: PCD Reamer

Work piece material: Poly Crystalline Diamond PCD

Work piece condition : Brazed

Stock removal : 0.10 ~ 0.15 mm   

cylinder grinding pcd reamer


Advantages Of Cylindrical Vitrified Diamond Wheel
- Enjoys strong sharpness, high self-sharpening. Good surface finish after grinding.

- High efficiency, less dressing time, long service life and stable quality.

cylindrical grinding wheel cylindrical vitrified diamond wheel


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