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PCD Wear Parts

Wear refers to the continuous loss of material from a solid surface, caused by mechanical, thermal or chemical influences in contact with solids, liquids or gases caused by the surface. Therefore, use the hardest material for easy grinding Damaged Parts: Diamond

PCD Wear parts Classifications:PCD support parts;PCD workpieces guide;PCD top notch;PCD bars for centerless grinding machine

pcd wear parts pcd wear parts

Applications of PCD wear parts

PCD bars for centerless grinding machine pcd tip

PCD bars for centerless grinder                                  PCD tips

Vitrified diamond grinding wheel is suitable for grinding PCD materials.Therefor vitrified diamond grinding wheel is also suitable for grinding PCD wear parts.PCD wear parts have big PCD aera need to grind.Moresuperhard provide sharpen vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding PCD wear parts.

300mm 6A2 vitrified diamond grinding wheel 6A2 drawings

6A2 vitrified diamond cup wheel for grinding pcd wear parts

 cylindrical diamond grinding wheel    1A1 drawings                                                                       

Cylindrical diamond grinding wheel for grinding pcd wear parts

Moresuperhard research and development spcific formulation vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding pcd wear parts.

1.Very long servives life help you decrease costs.

2.High grinding efficient

3.Easr to dress ensure grinding precision

4.Customized specification for different grinding machine

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