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Moresuperhard provide professional regrinding services for various precise cutting tools.Moresuperhard has perfect grinding hardware,  CNC  tools grinder, manual tool grinder, coating equipment, complete regrinding hardware equipment.

Carbide Tools Regrinding 

Carbide reamsers resharpening 

The reamer is an alloy tool that is often repaired, and its regrinding is relatively simple. Due to the high precision, it can generally be repaired 2-5 times. Before regrinding, check whether the diameter is still within the required range. Reamers are generally not coated after grinding.

Regrinding specification: D3-D32, flute length≤300;

Regrinding Contents: cutting cone, excircle, edgeprocessing, groove polishing, coating, etc, or restructuring according to customers'requirements

Customer Notice: minimum length, minimum effective diameter, processed materials, life and other equirements must be explicitly told. Cylindrical regrinding keeps the original top. 

Carbide end mills regrinding

The regrinding of the ball end milling cutter does not change the diameter, while the regrinding of the side edge of the flat end milling cutter will reduce the diameter, depending on the specific processing conditions of the user.

Regrinding Types: various steels and carbid materials, standard and non-standard mills of straight and tapered shanks, covering flat-head mills, ball-nosed mills, R-nosed mills, tapered mills, roughing mills, T-slot mills and molding contour mills;

Regrinding specification: D3-D50. flute length≤300;

Regrinding Contents: end edge, cutting edge, cutting edge, rake face or overall

Regrinding, edge processing, coating, etc, or restructuring according to customers' requirements;

Customer Notice: minimum length, minimum effective diameter, processed materials,life, restructuring and other requirements must be explicitly told.

carbide end mills before grinding  carbide end mills after regrinding

carbide end mills before grinding                 carbide end mills after regrinding     

Carbide drills Regrinding

Grinding type: standard drills, step drills and non-standard drills with various groove types and drill points;

Grinding specification range: D3-D32, groove length ≤ 300;

Grinding content: drill point, outer circle, step, edge passivation treatment, groove polishing, coating, etc., or customized according to customer requirements;

Notes for customers: requirements such as the shortest length, minimum effective diameter, processed material, service life, restructuring, etc. must be clearly informed.

carbide drills before grinding  carbide drills after regrinding

Comparison chart before and after grinding

PCD (polycrystalline diamond )cutting tools Regrinding including PCD reamers,PCD drills,PCD end mills

The wear of PCD  tools generally has the following situations: Mechanical wear, adhesive wear, reverse transformation (phase change) wear, chemical wear, diffusion wear, bonded wear, micro-fracture wear, abnormal wear.

PCD Cutting Tools Wear Form: Rake wear, flank wear.

Blunt standard: The average flank wear width VB=0.3mm.

PCD Cutting Tools Regrinding plan

1. Determine the regrinding limit and scrapping standard according to customer requirements;

2. Check whether the blade has a large chipping or a large amount of wear;

3. Formulate grinding drawings and grinding processes according to the grinding limit and grinding requirements provided by customers;

4. According to the requirements of the drawing, group the blades according to the size and perform batch grinding;

PCD Tools Regrinding Standards

1. The head of the tools body on the blade is clean and tidy, free of foreign matter, no cracks or rust on the surface, and no chipping of the blade;

2. The rake angle and rear angle remain unchanged after grinding;

3. The thickness of each blade is the same;

4. Radial runout tolerance of cutting edge is 0-0.05mm;

5. The runout tolerance of the end face of the blade is 0-0.03mm; 6. Grinding feed: generally 0.002~0.01mm each time.

MCD /CVD tools regrinding including Single crystal diamond engraving tools,3C industry diamond tools and optical diamond tools

Tool types that can be resharpened:Single crystal diamond engraving tools,3C industry diamond tools and optical diamond tools

MCD diamond engraving tools used in jewelry

MCD engraving tools Diamond engraving tools

MCD Highligh Tools on 3C industry

3C mcd tools 3C diamond highligh tools

CVD diamond tools

CVD diamond tools optical grade diamond tools

Effect comparison before and after regrinding 

mcd tools with big chipping  after regrinding by moresuperhard

before regrinding (chipping:41μm)                    after rough regrinding (chipping:5μm-7μm)

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