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Why Choose Moresuperhard's Laser Ablation Machine?

1. The machine tool is made of natural marble, with stable structure, good rigidity, high precision and strong reliability

2. The linear axis is driven by a linear motor, the rotary axis is driven by a torque motor, and the full closed-loop grating ruler is detected, with high positioning accuracy and fast dynamic response

3. Regardless of the type of tool, spiral, profile, step, multi-blade, etc., the tool can be clamped once, and rough and fine integrated processing can be achieved

4. Friendly human-computer interaction, simple and intelligent operation

5. The efficiency is more than 20 times that of traditional grinding machines, with a roughness less than 0.1μm and a profile less than 10μm

Applications of 5-Axis Laser Grinding Machine

pcd tools for automobile PCD reamers


pcd wood working tools MCD diamond tools

Moresuperhard five-axis laser grinder can process PCD tools in 3C industry, PCD tools in automobile industry, PCD reamers, milling cutters, PCD forming tools, PCD woodworking tools. Single crystal diamond tools, MCD arc tools, diamond turning tools, etc.

Cutting Edge detection under microscope

cutting edge detection

No chipping, no burning, high finish, good edge quality

5-Axis Laser Grinding Machine Parements

Machining stroke X*Y*Z 500*350*600
B/C turntable travel B±135°/C360°
Laser Type Fiber optic laser/200W
Machining Method Five-axis linkage
Linear axis accuracy Positioning accuracy:0.001mm/Repeat positioning accuracy:0.0005mm
Turntable accuracy Positioning accuracy:2 arc sec/Repear positioning accuracy:0.5 arc sec
Maximum tool weight 35KG
Maximum tool diameter and length Diameter:300mm/Length:600mm
Machine Dimensions length:2290mm/width:2206mm/height:2465mm
Machine Weight 6T
Tool installation interface HSK A63 interface/Optional pneumatic chuck


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