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Applications of diamond engraving tools

Diamond engraving tools are widely used in stone industry, woodworking industry and gold jewelry industry.Diamond engraving tools include pcd diamond engraving tools and single crystal diamond engraving tools.The products processed by diamond engraving tools have high smoothness, no burrs, white lines, and dark spots on the surface, and the tool has a long service life, which is 20-100 times that of ordinary tools.

pcd engraving tools mcd engraving tools

Moresuperhard provide vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding various diamond engraving tools including posalux diamond tools,diamond flywheel tools,cnc diamond tools,chain facting tools and others.

vitrified diamond grinding wheel for engraving tools different specifications of diamond grinding wheel

drawing of diamond grinding wheel

Diamond grinding wheel specifications

Mold D(mm) T(mm) H(mm) W(mm) X(mm)
6A2 150 40 32 40 3,5,10,15,20 10
125 40 32 40 3,5,10 10
100 40 32 40 3,5,10,20 10
Grit: 325/400, W40 (500#), W28 (600#), W20 (800#), W10 (1500#), W5 (3000#), W3 (5000#),W1.5(10000#)

Other specifications all can be customized.

Diamond grinding wheel for engraving tools advantages

1.high efficiency, good retention

2.No edge chipping, stable grinding quality

3.Easy to dress,guaranteed arc accuracy of the tools tip

4.High quality of surface finish

More grinding solutions for diamond engraving tools please contact us freely.

Moresuperhard provide pcd blanks,MCD diamond plate ,diamond grinding wheel and grinding machine for your production.

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