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M50CNC PCD/PCBN tool automatic grinding machine is M50 manual grinder CNC upgrade products, this machine has three CNC axis, and adopts a special CNC system based on image recognition technology to realize automatic grinding of straight edge and circular edge. Its structure and function can ensure the rapid grinding and high precision grinding demand of PCD/PCBN tools and welding brazed tools.

M50 CNC pcd machine is suitable for grinding and regrinding PCD, CBN, MCD, ceramics, carbide and HSS tools

CNC pcd grinding machine


Characteristic of M50 PCD grinding machine pcd grinding machine

1, The main base parts are made of wear-resistant gray cast iron with optimized design, compact structure and stable performance.

2, After clamping, automatic machining of straight edge and arc edge is completed without manual intervention, with high grinding efficiency and good edge quality.

3, Using AC servo motor, precision ball screw, high strength rolling guide rail, harmonic reducer and other combination of transmission structure, can realize the spindle NC movement/swing, vertical axis NC rotation, tool rest NC feed and other automatic processing functions.

4, Equipped with high-definition image system, tool cleaning nozzle, fully sealed industrial vision backlight, automatic lens protection cover, pneumatic wheel dressing support and other devices.

5, The PCD/PCBN tool automatic machining control system based on image recognition is adopted with independent intellectual property rights.                                                                                              






M50 PCD Grinder Technical Parameters

Control System

Industrial computer

operating system

control software

I3/2G /500G (full seal)

Win7 Professional


CNC axis


X axis (swing)

Y axis (rotation)

Z axis (feed)







0.001-90° /s






Manual shaft

Table stroke

lens stroke



Grinding wheel spindle




Swing distance

Max. 4200 RPM

2.2 kw

- 5-25 °

Maximum 280 mm

Imaging system

Object distance

Pixel equivalent  

Monitor size  

Display resolution

300 mm




Pneumatic system

Clean air

Grindingwheel dresser

Air gun

Lens cover

0.4-0.6 MPa

0.4-0.6 MPa

0.4-0.6 MPa

0.2-0.3 MPa

Machine tool

The total power

Overall dimensions

The net weight

4.5 kw




Vitrified diamond wheel

Sic dressing wheel

Coolant tank


150 Χ 40 x 40 mm

12.5 X25mm x80



Processing capacity

Clamping tool holder size

Radius of fillet of tool tip

The largest 25 x25 mm

RO. 1-0.87 mm


The Standard Configuration

- The main part of machineM50 PCD grinding machine

- Power supply and control system

- Work station

- Imaging system

- Pneumatic unit

- Work light and backlight

- Coolant tank

- Grinding wheel dresser

- Adjustable quick mounting fixture

- Standard accessories

- Technical documentation





M50 PCD Machine Processing Capacity

- Clamping tool holder size: maximum 25x25mm.

- Tip radius: R0.03mm - R3mm

  pcd grinding R0.05


R0.1 pcd grinding R0.2 pcd grinding


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