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PDC composite sheet (polycrystalline diamond composite sheet) is a composite superhard diamond product made by polymerizing a composite polycrystalline diamond layer and a cemented carbide substrate through ultra-high temperature and high pressure technology. With the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, impact resistance and high temperature resistance, it is mainly used in oil drilling and coal mining drill bits and other application fields.


                                PDC compact sheet

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Moresuperhard is a diamond grinding wheel manufacturer from China .Moresuperhard developed and producted resin bond diamond grinding wheel for grinding PDC compact or pdc drilling bites.


Resin bond diamond grinding wheel for pdc cuttergrinding pdc compact sheet


Why use resin diamond grinding wheel process PDC cutter?

1.good finish .PDC cutter  have a good finishing after grinding by resin bond diamond grinding wheel.

2.cost effective.Resin bond diamond grinding wheel is chaeper than vitrified diamond grinding wheel .

3.easy to dress.resin bone diamond grinding wheel is  softer .It 's very convenient for dressing to improve services life.

The specifications of resin diamond wheel for grinding pdc cutter

drawing of 1A1 diamond grinding wheel

Model D(mm) D(inch) H(mm) T(mm) X(mm)
1A1 resin bond diamond wheel 400 16 127 25/50 10/25


20 203.2 25/50 10/25
other specification can be made according to your requirememts 600 24 254 25/50 10/16/25
750 30 304.8 50 10
914.4 36 304.8 25/50 10/25
1100 43 304.8 50 10

Moresuperhard diamond grinding wheel have been exported to more than 100 countries and received lot of parise.

Delivery time is about 10-15 days even shorter time.

Welcome to send inquiry.

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