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Grinding natural diamond waistline grinding wheel

Vitrified diamond  bruting wheel is suitable for  grinding and polishing of natural diamonds. It can replace polycrystalline diamonds, and the effect of processing diamonds is very good.

Diamond grinding tools are installed on advanced CNC grinding tools, which are widely used in polishing abrasive tools for natural diamonds, precious stones, and agate. It can replace PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and has excellent diamond processing performance. Diamond bruting  wheels are widely popularized in countries with the most developed diamond industries such as South Africa, Hong Kong, India, Belgium, Namibia, Israel, etc., proving its advantages in the jewelry processing industry.

 cnc diamond bruting wheel vitrified diamond grinding wheel

Vitrified diamond bruting wheel advantages

1.good sharpness

2.high grinding efficiency

3.good self-sharpening

4.high surface finish and not easy to clog during grinding

ceramic diamond grinding wheel vitrified diamond bruting wheel

Diamond bruting wheel details and drawing

Model D(mm) T(mm) H(mm) X(mm) U(mm)
1a1 diamond bruting wheel 80 10 32 8,10  
150 10 32 10  
155 10 32 10  
160 10 32 10,12  
170 10 32 10,12,14  
175 10 32 10  
220 10 32 20  
14A1 diamond bruting wheel 170 10 32 10,12,14 5
175 10 32 10,15 5

How to choose suitable grian sizes of diamond bruting wheel

Grain sizes: MD20, MD40, MD60, MD80

MD-20: fine polishing, perfect luster, long service life of polished small diamonds (10 points - 1k)

MD-40, MD-60: Large diamond rough polishing, efficient polishing, sharp cutting. (1ct, 1.2ct and 1.3 carats, etc.)

MD-80: Coarser polish for greater efficiency and sharper cutting of larger stones. (2 carats, 3 carats, etc.)

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