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How to choose suitable grinding paraments for grinding PCD/PCBN tools?

2023-06-25 19:02:08

PCD or PCBN cutting tools have the highest qualityrequirements. Precise geometries and minimalchipping are the essential quality requirements.

pcd turning tools solid CBN inserts

6A2 vitrified diamond grinding wheel and peripheral diamond grinding wheel are commonly used for  grinding PCD/PCBN cutting tools.The choice of grinding paraments is very crucial.

peripheral diamond grinding wheel  peripheral diamond grinding weel

Recommand grinding paraments for grinding PCD tools and PCBN tools(grinding case)

6A2 vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding PCD cutting tools

Diamond grinding wheel specifications 6A2H 150*40*40
workpiece PCD mount plate
Grinding machine Coborn R9
Coolant water
Stock 0.3mm
Grinding Speed 18m/s
Results low wear chipping <10μm,10% less contace time

Perpheral diamond grinding wheel for grinding PCD indexalbe inserts

Diamond grinding wheel specifications 12A2T 400*28*340
workpiece PCD -mounted plate
Grinding machine Agathon 400 PENTA
Coolant Blaser Grindlyte
Dressing interval 6per cutting tools
Stock 0.12mm
Grinding Speed 25m/s
Results 10% less wear Minimal chipping

Moresuperhard  manufactures a full line of insert grinding wheels for carbide, ceraric, cermet  and PCD/PCBN materials.Diamond grinding  wheels are designed with the optimal specifications considering the cycle time and dressing intervals for optimum praductivity. Moresuperhard diamond  grinding wheel perforance is excellent, therefore, grinding  inserts with a superior fnish and chip-free edge.

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    Moresuperhard provide vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding and sharpening single crystal diamond tools if your grinder can be used with coolant.Moresuperhard vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding mcd/cvd diamond cutting tools have many successful grinding cases.Therefor,ordinary grinder also can be used for single diamond tools with vitrified diamond grinding wheel.While,if you want to process high precision single crystal diamond cutting tools,It's necessary to purchase a professional single crystal diamond tool grinding machine.Moresuperhard also provide professional grinding machine for grinding single crystal diamond cutting tools.

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    Moresuperhard mainly exhibited ceramic bonded diamond products. It mainly includes ceramic bond optical profile grinding wheels, ceramic diamond peripheral grinding wheels, 10000# ceramic diamond grinding wheels specially used for single crystal diamond cutting tools grinding, back grinding wheels, and ceramic diamond cylindrical grinding wheels.

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