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PCD Wood Working Tools Grinding Test

2023-02-09 17:35:03

Moresuperhard is a diamond and CBN grinding wheel factory  from China.

diamond and cbn grinding wheel supplier


Products is our confidence,grinding solutions is our advantage.

Recently, moresuperhard company received a inquiry of 6A2 vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding pcd tools.This clients is a famous cnc pcd tools manufacturer from China.

Customers demand:

1.Decrease costs,longer  diamond grinding wheel service life.

2.Improve  grinding efficiency

3.improve  grinding precision of pcd inserts,pcd tools chipping cotrol under 15μm after finishing grinding.

pcd toolspcd wood working tools

Experimental data

Specfications of vitrified diamond grinding wheel 

D150mm 20*10 w20 for rough grinding pcd wood working tools

D150mm 20*10 w5 for finishing grinding pcd wood working tools

6A2 vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding pcd toolspcd tools grinding site

Common processing parameters

Grinding wheel speed: 2000rpm/min

Coarse grinding allowance: 0.1mm

Coarse grinding feed rate: 0.02mm

Fine grinding allowance : 0.05mm

Fine grinding feed rate: 0.05mm

Moresuperhard producted two formulations vitrified diamond grinding wheels for testing 

Formulation one:

coarse grinding 

At the test site, we used w20 vitrified diamond grinding wheel to grind 12 pcd tools.

Chipping: after coarse grinding: 20μm -30μms, and occasionally a big chipping around 30μm.

Single pcd tools  grinding time:11′30″~12′45″

Feedback:single pcd tools grinding time is a little long and services life need to be longer.

Fine grinding 

The grain sizes of testing diamond grinding wheel: W5

Chipping:After fine grinding, the chipping is 5-7μm, which looks like a "line" as a whole. Occasionally, the large chipping does not exceed 10μm. It is suspected that the large chipping of coarse grinding cannot be repaired.

Single pcd tools  grinding time:A little more than 16 minutes.

Feedback:The grinding wheel is hard, and there will be harsh noises during the grinding procession.

Formulation two:

Coarse grinding 

Chipping:The chipping is 20μm-27μm, and the chipping is overall "serrated" and relatively uniform.

The grinding time for a single tools: 6'30"-10'30" and the efficiency is higher than formulation one.

Feedback:The efficiency is higher, the grinding time is shorter, but the chipping is more obvious.

Fine grinding

Chipping:After fine grinding, the chipping is 5μm-10μm, and the chipping is uniform.

The grinding time for a single tools:10'30"-16'00"

The results of the initial test are shown above.Moresuperhard 6A2 vitrified diamond grinding has been well received by customer.After testing ,we called an emergency meeting to discuss and continuted to develop and adjust the formulation of vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding pcd wood working tools.

The second testing will be soon.Moresuperhard wil try our best to provide the most economic and quality vitrified diamond grinding wheel to help pcd tools manufacturer .

If you have pcd grinding difficults ,welcome get in touch with us.

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