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PCD cutting tools grinding problems and solutions

2021-01-23 10:42:08

What is PCD?

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) is a new type of superhard material that has been researched and used internationally since the 1970s. It is formed by sintering at a high temperature of 1400°C and a high pressure of 6GPa.


Difficulties in PCD processing

Due to its high hardness, PCD material is easy to produce high temperature in the processing process, and the high hardness also leads to poor grinding efficiency, so it is really a difficult material to grind.

PCD grinding


PCD grinding solution

Abrasive selection:

In order to process PCD materials, abrasive of higher hardness should be selected, so only super abrasive grinding wheel with diamond or CBN abrasive can be selected.


Bond selection:

However, Superabrasive grinding wheels are mostly resin bond , but Vitrified bond are more suitable for PCD materials.Because Vitrified bond sintering can produce more pores, and Vitrified good heat resistance, cutting sharp, so it is not easy to heat and expansion.

When grinding with high hardness, the grinding efficiency and precision will be higher than ordinary resin diamond grinding wheel.Therefore, when processing PCD materials, the most appropriate choice is to use Vitrified bond grinding wheel.


Product Recommendations

Vitrified diamond grinding wheels for PCD & PCBN tools

Vitrified diamond grinding wheels for PCD & PCBN tools


It is suitable for rough, medium, fine and super fine grinding of PCD/CBN tools. In addition to grinding PCD/PCBN/Monocrystal standard tools, it can also grind PCD milling cutters, reamers, and other customized tools.



1. The porous structure of the abrasive layer makes the passivated diamond fall off faster, which can prevent vertical stripes on the workpiece and improve the surface quality


2. Perfect dimensional tolerance control, applicable to CNC and manual grinder


3. Good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency, high wear resistance, low abrasive consumption


4. The use of Vitrified bond can make pcd/cbn tools to achieve a good surface finish and avoid cutting edge chipping, thereby reducing the scrap rate and improving the accuracy of Pcd/cbn tools


5. The service life of the Vitrified bond grinding wheel is more than 10 times that of the resin bond grinding wheel, and can realize easy online dressing

























Other wheel sizes can be customized

Suitable for all kinds of tool grinders: EWAG 、Coborn、Vollmer、Agathon、MAKINO、WAIDA、MYTECH

Common grit and specifications

pcd grindingpcd grinding


Rough grinding




Excellent grinding force, mostly used for rough blade grinding, high surface material removal rate.

Middle grinding



Both material removal rate and surface quality are considered.

Fine grinding




It is mostly used for blade fine grinding, with excellent surface quality and no chipping on the cutting edge.

Super fine grinding



Pursue the ultimate surface and cutting edge quality.

Specifications can be customized according to actual needs


Dresser recommendation

pcd grinding

Special dressing wheel for ceramic diamond grinding wheel. The same use of Vitrified bond, efficiency and life is 50 times that of ordinary alumina dressing wheels.

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