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Two tests of D200 peripheral grinding wheel formulations

2021-08-10 11:43:59

Peripheral grinding size:11A2-D200-H40-W15-X10, W20

2021.5.22 Test Czech D20 custom material formula, hardness 118, density 1.965

Grinding blade: CCGW09T304 element6 010PCD

When used on the Taixing grinder, the consumption of the first 7 pieces is almost the same as that of Singapore Airlines. The insert compensation is 0.45, 0.462, and the insert compensation is reduced to 0.23 when entering the stable shedding state. The speed of Sihard can not exceed 1500, and the grinding can not move.

Efficiency  of Sihard: 30 tablets 4 hours,while Moresuperhard  can reach 50 tablets 4 hours.

The installation of Sihard grinding wheel needs dressing, and there is bouncing.

Moresuperhard almost need no dressing, abrasive falling off stable and 200 times magnification without collapse.

Grinding wheel brand

Thinkness of abrasive layer

Grinding machine speed



 Single blade consumes the abrasive layer(mm)

Grinding time of single blade


Number of  grinding blades with one piece of grinding wheel







3min 6s

400 pieces





4min 25s

200 pieces

pcd grinding

2021-6-4 Dutch conventional formula hardness 105-107, density 1.92

Comparison of two formulationns

Grinding machine speed

Single blade consumes the abrasive layer(mm)

grinding time of single blade


D20 Custom formula



3min 6s

D20 custom formula




 pcd grinding pcd grinding

Feedback of worker is still D20 customized formula is easy to use, long life, high efficiency, but D20 conventional formula is also better than Sihard, life efficiency is higher than them.

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