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Vitrified diamond grinding wheel in CIOE China

2021-09-30 16:01:52

CIOE is a comprehensive exhibition of optoelectronics industry with a very large scale and influence. It has witnessed the rapid development of optoelectronics industry for 22 years since it was held in 1999, and has been continuously subdivided into industrial segments. CIOE is the preferred platform for optoelectronics enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities to expand market, promote brands and match resources. The CIOE 2021 held in shenzhen international convention and exhibition center on September 16, 2021.  MoreSuperhard Products Co.,Ltd was invited to participate in this exhibition, our booth: 5E81. Moresuperhard diamond grinding wheel can apply on different industries.

diamond grinding wheel in CIOE diamond grinding wheel in China

Exhibition scope: Precision optics exhibition, Lens and camera module Exhibition, Laser Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition, Information and communication Exhibition, infrared technology and Application Exhibition, Innovation optoelectronics Exhibition, photoelectric sensor exhibition and other sections.  

Although the number of visitors has decreased due to the epidemic control this year, the Mosuperhard booth (5E81) still attracts many industry customers and experts to visit and communicate.  We provide a range of semiconductor materials, precision optical grinding solutions and services.  

Products show in CIOE:

Diamond Wheels for Silicon Ingot, wafer chamfering grinding wheel, double disc grinding wheel, backing grinding wheel, grinding paste, grinding fluid, grinding wheel for single, etc.  

high quality diamond grinding wheel

In the exhibition some of the  questions customers asked,we will make sum up:

diamond grinding wheel in China

1. Which manufacturers and equipment have you supplied with backing grinding wheels?

Export backing grinding wheel, customer supporting grinder like Disco, Okamoto and so on.

2. Which materials are mainly polished by diamond suspension?

At present, only aqueous diamond suspension is produced. It is mainly used for polishing of fine grinding mould, metallographic observation and other industries.

3. Grinding wheel for single crystal tool,what effect can diamond grinding wheel reach ?

Grinding wheel for single crystal tool has two kinds of vitrified diamond griniding wheel ( rough grinding ) and metal diamond grinding wheel(fine grinding ). Improved single crystal cutting tool for better edge machining, better surface finish.

4. Can the contour shape of metal bond edge grinding wheel be designed according to requirements? How to solve the dressing problem?

We can customize according to customer's drawings. The shape keeping property of metal edge grinding wheel has been unanimously recognized by customers and generally does not need dressing. EDM trimming can be used if necessary.

5. As for the PU polishing pad, some customers proposed to polish softer materials. Please inform us of the specific wear ratio and how to choose the corresponding products?

Through specific communication, we can provide some trial grinding schemes.

6. Compared with other grinding discs, what are the advantages of the diaomond double disc grinding wheel ?

Mosuperhard grinding disc abrasive layer can be made very thick, reduce the frequency of workpiece replacement, save time, improve customer productivity, etc.

Although the tour of the exhibition has come to an end, through the study and communication with peers in the industry, broaden my vision, and further enhance the visibility and influence of the company's brand. Mosuperhard will continue to provide more comprehensive solutions for semiconductor materials, precision optical components. Keep up with the market trends, to the international high standard of their own, adhere to the grinding to create more value than grinding.







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