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Why Choose SDC Abrasive for Resin Diamond Grinding Wheel?

2023-07-05 17:15:02

Case of grinding carbide cutting tools with resin diamond grinding wheel 

carbide cutting tools

workpieces of carbide cutting tools

Customer's requirements of diamond grinding wheel 

 6A2H diamond grinding wheel  drawin of  6A2H  

6A2H - D175*T28*H101.6*W8*X8 70%SD / 30%SDC 100J C100

11A2 resin diamond grinding wheel  drawing of 11A2 resin diamond grinding wheel

11A2 - D100*T40*H20*W5*X5 SD 800H C100 (Uncoated)

Moresuperhard provide resin diamond grinding wheel for customer to grind carbide cutting tools including rough grinding and fine grinding .As you can see,customer mention SDC Abrasives ,why we choose SDC diamond abrasives for machining resin diamond grinding wheel?

(1) Improve the bonding strength between the diamond abrasive and the resin  bond, and the coating acts as a bonding bridge between the two.

(2) Slow down the heat shock. The metal coating diamond  heat slower than the superhard abrasive, and the grinding heat is buffered by the coating and then transmitted to the resin bond in contact with the abrasive to prevent it from being burnt out due to the impact of instantaneous high temperature, thereby maintaining its holding force on the abrasive.

(3) Improve the particle strength of the abrasive. The coating plays the role of reinforcement and toughening. Due to the buffering effect caused by the thickness of the coating in electroless plating and electroplating, the strength of the three series of low, medium and high products is increased by 50%-100%, 50%-60% and 30% respectively.

(4) Thermal insulation protection. During high-temperature sintering and high-temperature grinding, the coating protects the diamond from rock desertification, oxidation or other chemical changes.

coated synthetic diamond abrasives resin diamond grinding wheel for carbide tools

Moresuperhard is a diamond grinding manufacturer from China.Moresuperhard provide grinding solutions for cnc cutting tools including PCD cutting tools,PCBN Cutting tools ,carbide inserts,cermet cutting tools.If you need any help,please contact us freely.


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