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CVD Tools Ginding Services From Moresuperhard

2022-11-29 13:04:30

CVD Cutting Tools Grinding Services From Moresuperhard

The advantages and machinable materials of cvd tools

Single crystal diamond tools have the advantages of extremely high hardness and wear resistance, low friction coefficient, high elastic modulus, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and low affinity with non-ferrous metals. It can be used for precision machining of non-metallic hard and brittle materials such as graphite, high wear-resistant materials, composite materials, high silicon aluminum alloys and other tough non-ferrous metal materials.

cvd turning toolssingle crystal diamond tools


Difficulties in grinding single crystal  diamond tools

Single crystal  diamond cutting tools have so many advantages, but they often encounter some problems in its production and processing, such as high cost, low efficiency, short life, and insufficient precision.

In response to the above problems, Moao has carried out many grinding experiments and repeatedly adjusted the grinding wheel formula. At present, it has successfully solved grinding problems for many customers.

grinding cvd tools


cvd tools grinding solutions from moresuperhard

1. Start from various aspects to reduce your production cost

Considering the grinding wheel bond, use vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel instead of metal grinding wheel. The vitrified bond grinding wheel has the advantages of high grinding efficiency, long life, good shape retention and high grinding accuracy. At present, it can be successfully replaced in single crystal tool grinding, especially when the tool is roughly ground.

vitrified  bond diamond grinding wheel for cvd

Considering your grinding equipment, single crystal tool is a relatively new tool form in recent years, and many customers have not been able to add special single crystal tool equipment for a while. In this case, Moao can design and produce grinding wheels with matching specifications according to your existing equipment, reducing your cost of introducing equipment and learning new machines.

2.Repeatedly adjust the experiment, the efficiency is significantly improved

In the early stage of production of grinding wheels for grinding single crystal tools, some customers have encountered feedback that the grinding speed of grinding wheels is too slow, and it takes longer to sharpen a knife than others. Knowing this problem, we immediately arranged the technical team to adjust the grinding wheel formula, and made corresponding adjustments according to the customer's problem. At present, the customer's problem has been solved, and the overall efficiency has been improved by 30%.

3. Focus on processing quality inspection to ensure grinding accuracy

stricted quality inspection

From raw material selection to abrasive ratio, from grinding wheel pressing to sintering, from machining to finished product quality inspection, Moao always insists on conscientiousness, strictly controls every link, and completely according to customer requirements to ensure the final precision and stability of the finished grinding wheel. , to strive for excellence.

  • The application of wire drawing dies
    27 March 2023

    The application of wire drawing dies

    Drawing dies are widely used, such as high-precision wires used in electronic devices, radars, televisions, instruments and aerospace, as well as commonly used tungsten wires, molybdenum wires, stainless steel wires, wire and cable wires and various alloy wires are all drawn with diamond drawing dies. The diamond wire drawing die made of natural diamond has strong wear resistance and extremely high service life due to the use of natural diamond as raw material.

  • Grinding Method of Diamond Tool
    27 March 2023

    Grinding Method of Diamond Tool

    Moresuperhard company developed and produced metal bonded diamond grinding wheel and disc for rough and fine grinding single crystal diamond tools.Metal diamond grinding wheel is easy to use and high grinding efficiency.Moresuperhard metal bond diamond grinding wheel suit Coborn PG serises single crystal diamond tools grinding machine.

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