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Moresuperhard 2021 Review

2022-02-22 09:07:23

2021 has passed, Moresuperhard still strive to improve our product quality to satisfy customers' requirement. Moresuperhard on the way to improve the precison of workpiece.

We take part in many exhibitions in 2021 such as CIMT,SNEC, CIOE,etc...


New product - precision grinding wheel "916" for MCD tool grinding

Release the new "533" and "053" vitrified diamond grinding wheel (grit: only 1μm)

 vitrified diamond grinding wheel

Sum up 2020 and look forward to 2021
Received many domestic and foreign customers thank and praise



Launched the new "253" semiconductor Silicon Nemesis
Invite wang Guangwei, senior engineer of abrasives industry to train diamond knowledge for the new employee
Attend SEMICON China

Participate in western international equipment manufacturing exposition

diamond grinding wheeldiamond grinding wheelwestern international equipment manufacturing exposition

The exhibition CIMT2021
Attend the International TIEXPO 2021

CIMT2021pcd grindingpcd grinding



Moresuperhrd participated in CME 2021,the 21st China (Shanghai) International Optics Fair and The 31st China Glass and 2021 ShangHai International Advanced ceramics Exhibition.

A breakthrough has been made in the peripheral grinding wheel and the life and efficiency are much higher than those of the domestic counterparts.

CME  diamond grinding wheel

Moresuperhrd participated in SNEC .


Moresuperhrd participated in the exhibition CIOE 2021and Formnext + PM South China.​

CIOE  CIOE Formnext + PM South China.​


Attended the 2021 Super hard materials and products product exchange meeting, was invited to attend the foreign trade special class of AiRui College to give a speech, and attended the 2021 high precision gear manufacturing technology seminar.

pcd grinding


Participated in the diamond Conference and the 55th anniversary of the birth of China cubic boron nitride.

Due to the epidemic, DMP2021 and Zhengzhou A&G EXPO have been postponed.


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