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Advantages and disadvantages of wire drawing dies made of different materials

2023-04-04 11:32:03

Different materials of wire drawing dies

At present, the materials of wire drawing dies include alloy steel dies, hard alloy dies, natural diamond dies, polycrystalline diamond dies, CVD diamond dies and ceramic dies. In recent years, some new materials have been developed.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of various wire drawing die materials:

Main comparison - advantages - disadvantages - scope of application

1. Alloy steel wire drawing dies- easy to make - poor wear resistance, short life - basically eliminated

2. Natural diamond drawing dies- high hardness, good wear resistance - high brittleness, difficult to process - wire die with a diameter of less than 1.2mm

3. Carbide wire drawing dies- good polishing, low energy consumption - poor wear resistance, difficult processing - various diameter wire

4. Polycrystalline synthetic diamond(PCD) wire drawing dies - high hardness, good wear resistance - difficult processing, high cost - small wire, wire

5. CVD coating wire drawing dies- high finish, good temperature resistance - complex process, difficult processing - small wire

6. Ceramic wire drawing dies- good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance - thermal shock, poor toughness, difficult processing - not widely used

How to choose suitable wire drawing dies?

Drawing dies of different materials have their relatively reasonable processing objects. The rationality of drawing processing mainly refers to the matching of the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the wire drawing die and the wire to obtain the longest service life of the die.

In the drawing process of small wire , natural diamond, polycrystalline diamond and CVD coating die are commonly used wire drawing die materials. When drawing small-diameter wires, the CVD-coated diamond die overcomes the anisotropy of the natural diamond die, and at the same time has excellent strength and hardness, the highest drawing output, and the surface quality meets the requirements. The test proves that the service life of CVD coated diamond wire drawing die is equal to that of natural diamond die, and the product qualification rate is high.

What can Moresuperhard help you about wire drawing dies?

Moresuperhard provide all specifications PCD wire drawing dies and MCD (monocrystalline diamon)wire drawing dies.

Moresuperhard also provide PCD materails and scd materials drawind core.

PCD wire drawing dies scd wire drawing dies

The characteristcs of moresuperhard pcd wire drawing dies

Long lasting (more durable than TC and SSCD/ND dies)

Ideal for long production runs Ideal for highly abrasive wire

Wire remains round even with severe die wear

Designed for Wire Alloys Tailor-made according to wire requirements (premium wire surface when required)

The characteristcs of moresuperhard cvd  wire drawing dies

Ideal for fine and extra fine wires

low surface friction

smooth wire surface

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