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What is wire-drawing die

Wire drawing die usually refers to a mold for drawing variety of metal wire  and fiber wire.

All drawing dies have a hole in the center of a certain shape, round, square, octagon or some other special shape. The metal decreases in size and even changes shape as it is pulled through the die holes.

The typical structure is a cylindrical (or slightly tapered) ND/PCD/CVD/MCD die core tightly embedded in a circular steel case, There are Bell radius, Entrance angel, approach angle, bearing and back relief in the inner hole of the die core.

drawing of pcd wire-drawing die  wire-drawing die

Applications of Wire-drawing Die

Wire drawing dies are widely used in electronic devices, radar, television, instrumentation and aerospace, as well as commonly used tungsten wires, molybdenum wires, stainless steel wires, wire and cable wires and various alloy wires are drawn with diamond wire drawing dies.

Types of wire-drawing die

1. ND wire-drawing die

The nature diamond wire drawing die has strong wear resistance and extremely high service life due to the use of natural diamond as raw material.

nature diamond wire-drawing die

2.PCD wire-drawing die

pcd wire-drawing has the advantages of high hardness, good thermal conductivity, strong wear resistance, not easy to break, long service life and high economic benefits. It is suitable for drawing various metal wires.

pcd wire drawing die

3.CVD wire-drawing die

Single crystal diamond  is a synthetic diamond with high purity, no impurities and high stability. These quality characteristics also make the material have extremely high hardness and stable wear resistance.

CVD wire-drawing die is mainly used for filament and ultra-fine wire drawing, or maintains a wide range of applications in applications requiring excellent wire surface finish and good heat dissipation performance.

cvd wire-drawing die

Moresuperhard provide high grade PCD/CVD/HPHT plates for wire-drawing die.

PCD blanks for wire-drawing die

pcd blanks for wire-drawing die

CVD plates for wire-drawing die

cvd plates

HPHT plates for wire-drawing die




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