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Application of PCD and PCBN tools

2021-08-09 18:57:56

In recent years, the development of cutting machine technology has continuously increased its spindle speed and feed rate, so that it can achieve rapid cutting with higher cutting speed, greater material removal rate, and higher precision. Tools like superhard materials put forward more demands. Only a few years ago, the spindle speed of some machine tools was only 6,000r/min, but now it has reached 30,000 to 40,000r/min, and the axis movement acceleration can reach 2G. With the support of powerful computer capabilities, this machine tool can realize the motion functions required for processing. In order to convert this speed advantage into a machining advantage at the point of action, it is necessary to use the corresponding tool material. However, if you use cemented carbide tools, the cutting speed can only reach 400m/min; while the cutting speed of PCD tools can reach as high as 3,000m/min.

In addition to higher processing speeds, the main advantages of PCD and PCBN tools include longer tool life, and in most cases better surface quality, reduced tool changes, and reduced non-motorized man-hours. The following are some of the application areas of PCD and PCBN tools brought about by their high hardness and high wear resistance:

PCD tool application field and proportion

PCBN tool application field and proportion

Auto industry


Auto Industry


Wood industry


Heavy Machine


Bearing Gear Industry




Pump Industry


Roll Industry






(1)PCD and PCBN tools for processing automobile engine cylinder blocks 

pcd grinding

In recent years, with the continuous development of my country's automobile industry, the automobile industry has become the backbone of the national economy. While continuously improving quality and performance, automakers are paying more attention to the efficiency and cost of component processing. The cylinder block is the key component of the engine, and its key processing parts include: crankshaft hole, cylinder hole, top surface, stop, etc.

(2) PCD and PCBN tools for processing automobile engine cylinder heads

From the perspective of the dimensional accuracy, position accuracy, shape accuracy and roughness requirements of each part of the cylinder head, tools such as milling, boring, and reaming are usually used. Among them, the bottom hole of the valve seat, the bottom hole of the pipe, and the Machining of valve seat cone and conduit hole.

(3)PCD tool for automobile gearbox processing

In the processing of gearboxes, hole processing is the main focus.

(4) Piston and connecting rod processing PCD, PCBN tools

The main function of the piston and connecting rod is to transmit the explosive force generated by the combustion of the mixed gas to the connecting rod through the piston pin to push the crank of the crankshaft to rotate the crankshaft. Due to the harsh working conditions of pistons and connecting rods, the pistons are required to have high precision and high wear resistance under high temperature, high pressure, and high wear resistance.

(5) PCBN tool for camshaft and crankshaft processing

(6) PCBN integral welding tool for processing rolls and brake discs

(7) Gear processing PCBN tool

Gears are widely used in manufacturing industries such as machine tools, automobiles, ships, and precision instruments. The gear material has good wear resistance, high manufacturing precision and good impact resistance.

(8) Using PCBN cutters, it can be realized by car instead of grinding.

Using PCBN tools for fine turning hardened bearing steel (HRC>60), the cutting process is relatively stable, and the tool has a long service life, which can realize turning instead of grinding.

(9) PCBN tool for air conditioning compressor parts processing

The compressor is the core component of the air conditioner, using PCBN cutters with high wear resistance.

(10) Automobile compound PCD series cutter

More and more modern auto parts are made of die-cast aluminum alloy, with complex shapes and structures. In order to meet the requirements of high-efficiency and high-precision processing of multi-step molding holes, PCD molding step hinges developed by high-precision imported grinders and molding grinding technology The knife plays a superior role.

(11) Aircraft composite material processing PCD tool                                               

The carbon fiber composite material of aircraft wings has the characteristics of high toughness, strong wear resistance, and light weight. It cannot meet the processing requirements with ordinary tools. PCD tools can reflect the characteristics of high hardness and wear resistance more than 100 times that of cemented carbide.

(12)Medical equipment-PCD tool for processing human bones and joints

Human bones and joints have complex shapes and extremely high requirements for contour accuracy and surface roughness. PCD tools have the characteristics of high accuracy and strong wear resistance in the processing of raw ceramic materials, and are widely used in medical equipment.

(13)Wood processing PCD tools

For the processing of the tenon and tenon of the wooden floor, due to the certain hardness, it is more suitable to use the PCD tool, which can ensure the dimensional consistency under the processing of a very large number of workpieces.

(14)PCBN tools for heavy-duty cutting

PCBN tools are still a good choice for machining situations with large cutting allowance (rough machining up to 10mm) and long cutting distance (1,000m to 1,500m).

(15) PCBN tool for grinding wheel mold

Grinding wheels have extremely high abrasive grain hardness, which requires high mold surface hardness (die steel hardened to HRC 60-64) and good wear resistance. Using PCBN tools to fine-turn large-scale grinding wheel molds instead of grinding, the processing cycle is short, the processing efficiency is high, and the operation is easy.                




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