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Application of ceramic diamond grinding wheels in the abrasives industry

2023-10-17 17:27:16

Introduction to Diamond Roller Dresser

A diamond roller made by inlaying a large number of diamond particles on the surface of a steel roller using methods such as electroplating or powder metallurgy. It rotates at a certain speed (thereby reducing the relative speed between the roller and the grinding wheel), grinding and rolling the surface of the high-speed rotating grinding wheel. Function, so that the grinding wheel obtains a sharp working surface that matches the roller profile.

Applications of diamond roller

Diamond roller, also known as diamond roller dresser or diamond dressing roller, the dressing grinding wheel is formed in one step and has the advantages of high efficiency and high precision. It can effectively replace the diamond dressing pen for dressing the grinding wheel. It has been widely used in gears, bearings, machine tools, automobiles, etc. , blades, measuring cutting tools and other industries.

cvd diamond dressing tools

Advantages of Diamond Roller Dresser Dressing Grinding Wheels

(1) High efficiency. Simple operation, high dressing efficiency, long service life and stable quality;

(2) Stable accuracy. It can dress complex shaped grinding wheels that cannot be completed by other dressing methods, with stable surface quality and accuracy;

(3) Small tolerance. The angular symmetry tolerance of the HNT diamond dressing roller is controlled at 0.5 degrees, and the minimum arc tolerance is guaranteed to be within 2 μm;

(4) The time is short. The diamond roller greatly shortens the dressing time, improves production efficiency, and reduces the wear of mechanical equipment;

Classification of high-precision diamond rollers

(1) Sintering method: It is divided into two types: hand-planted sintered rollers and randomly distributed sintered rollers, which are highly durable;

(2) Electroplating method: high-precision manufacturing of small and complex shaped rollers;

(3) CVD roller: new material, good for dressing CBN grinding wheels.

electroplating diamond rollersintering diamond roller

Electroplated diamond roller                      Sintered diamond roller

Manufacturing process of high-precision diamond rollers

The manufacturing process of the sintering method is: process a mold according to the drawing, and then use artificial implantation to place large diamond particles in the mold in an orderly manner according to a certain density. Then use a sintering furnace to sinter using powder metallurgy technology, and then remove the mold. Use the diamond profile as the benchmark to process the hole and end face benchmarks, and then dress the grinding wheel on the grinder. At this time, the diamond roller is a blank and has dimensional accuracy deviations. The deviation value needs to be initially measured by the inspection center instrument to calculate the appropriate dressing. The remaining amount is finally subjected to repeated grinding and testing on a special dressing machine until it meets the requirements of the finished product drawings.

The production process of the electroplating method is: making a mold according to the technical requirements of the cross section of the parts to be produced, electroplating artificial diamond, using a binder (low melting point alloy) to bond with the steel core, and metal cutting (basic conversion) to remove the abrasive tire. body, so that the diamond is evenly exposed, the grinding wheel is dressed on the grinder, a workpiece is copied, and all the technical requirements of the workpiece profile are measured in the testing center. The finished product is qualified.

No matter which diamond roller manufacturing process is used, the final dressing step is very important. Moresuperhard  specializes in the production and development of ceramic diamond grinding wheels for dressing high-precision diamond rollers.

vitrified diamond optical profile grinding wheelvitrified diamond grinding wheel for dressing diamond roller

Usually,diamond roller need have high shape precision requirements.Moresuperhard provide 3A1 vitrified diamond grinding wheel for dressing diamond roller.The minimum thickness of abrasives layer can reach 1mm.Moresuperhard has the absolute core technology for ceramic diamond grinding wheels with a mold material layer of one millimeter.If you need precision diamond grinding wheel for dressing diamond rotary tools,please contact us freely.

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