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How to use the diamond dressing pen correctly?

2023-04-04 11:36:52

Diamond dresser is a commonly used tool for dressing grinding wheels.Diamond dressing pen is used to dress the grinding wheel in the way of turning. This dressing method is simple and convenient to operate, and the cost is low.

The efficiency of the dressing wheel of the diamond dressing pen will directly affect the production efficiency, so it is very important to use the diamond dressing pen scientifically.

Multi-point diamond dresser diamond dresser

How to use diamond dressing pen correctly?

1. Exit from the feed of the last dressing before using the new dress. Many brittle diamond dressing tools are easy to be damaged in the initial contact with the grinding wheel.

2. Install the diamond dressing tool head at an angle of 10-15 °, so that it points to the rotation direction of the grinding wheel.

3. Firmly install the dresser or clamp the dresser, and do not hang the tool head too long.

4. Use coolant as much as possible. During the whole dressing time, the contact between the dressing tool and the grinding wheel shall be poured with coolant.

5. At the beginning of dressing, start from the highest point of the grinding wheel, usually the middle of the grinding wheel.

6. Pay attention to minor and minor repair. Maximum depth of trimming, for coarse trimming: 0.001-0.002 inch. For fine trimming: 0.0005-0.001 inch.

7. Select the appropriate lateral movement speed according to the relevant manual. The slower the lateral movement speed (within the allowable range), the lower the surface roughness of the obtained grinding wheel.

8. The grinding wheel must be dressed within the specified time interval to prevent the grinding wheel from becoming blunt and increase the grinding force.

9. Within the specified time interval, rotate the dressing tool in the knife clip by 1/8 turn to ensure that the trimming tool is always sharp.

10. When the diamond dresser or tool head becomes blunt or obviously flat, it shall be adjusted and replaced in time.

11. According to the diameter of the grinding wheel, the CARAT amount of diamond (pure diamond content) should be reasonably selected. The larger the diameter of the grinding wheel, the larger the CARAT value of the selected diamond.

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