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Manufacturing and grinding of pcd tools for aerospace applications

2022-11-29 12:55:06

Background OF Aerospace


With the continuous upgrading of aerospace products, especially with the widespread use of various composite materials and difficult-to-machine materials, their processing technology is also gradually improving.At present, tools made of PCD and PCBN are increasingly used in the aerospace field. PCD tools have been unanimously recognized and widely used for their super cutting performance, durability and high toughness, but also because of the difficulty of tool sharpening caused by their high hardness, which has plagued many users. PCD tools not only have high initial procurement costs, but also The late grinding cost is also very high, and the general grinding cycle is also relatively long. Therefore, the manufacture and grinding of PCD tools has always been a common concern of many tool manufacturers and users.

aerospaceCarbon fiber composite material for aerospacepcd tools


 CNC grinding machine for grinding pcd tools

In the past half century, German WALTER (Walter Company) and Switzerland EWAG (Iwag Company) have continuously developed and developed various CNC equipment for different tool materials and various processing methods.The HelitronicDiamond equipment produced by German WALTER, its unique "electrolysis + grinding, two in one" function closely fits the actual situation of the current PCD tool.

How Walter grinder machine pcd tools?

As we all know, due to the price factor of PCD tools, PCD inserts are generally welded on the cemented carbide substrate. Therefore, in terms of processing efficiency, both electrolysis and grinding are very slow for PCD materials.

Therefore, WALTER's equipment adopts its unique double-end grinding shaft structure, installs a diamond grinding wheel on the spindle 1, uses it to grind the carbide part of the tool to complete the 2nd and 3rd relief angles of the tool, and then adopts the spindle The electrolytic copper wheel on 2 uses the discharge method to process the first relief angle and contour of the tool.


Grinding is more important for reaching best tools precision.

In actual machining and grinding, the high hardness and high wear resistance of PCD material bring great difficulties to machining. Over the years, most of the EDM or chemical machining and laser machining technologies used in the market are often more suitable for the application of tools in rough machining applications. In order to obtain the surface quality of  PCD tools, the most ideal machining method is still inseparable grinding.

diamond grinding wheelgrinding pcd tools


How ewamaticlien grinding machine grind pcd tools?

EwamaticLine also combines the functions of grinding and electrolysis, but its advanced technology in grinding ensures reliability and stability of processing. The control of constant grinding force makes the grinding wheel always fit the PCD surface to be processed, thus avoiding the excessive wear of the grinding wheel due to the increase of grinding force and causing the gap between the grinding interface.It also avoids the reduction of the surface quality of the tool due to the reduction of the grinding force.


How to achieve high precision machining for pcd tools?

Only by adopting suitable equipment and combining with reasonable sharpening methods can PCD tools ensure the processing quality of the tools. Only by comprehensively considering many factors involved in the manufacturing and grinding process of the tools can high-quality tools be obtained, and ultimately Reduce the use cost of the tool, and ultimately improve the product quality of the overall tool.

Moresuperhard developed and produced diamond grinding wheel that suits EWAG and Walter.

On this road of development, moresuperhard will make unremitting efforts to provide more and better solutions and grinding wheel for pcd tool grinding in combination with the actual needs of the market.

vitrified diamond grinding wheel for EWAGdiamond grinding wheel for Walter

More pcd grinding solutions and grinding abrasives please contact us freely.

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