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PCD Milling Cutting Tools Grinding Services

2022-11-29 12:50:57

Small-batch ,high-end pcd tools process

EWAG EWAMATIC LINE automatically feed.In the equipment control system, the parameters that can be used for 50 working hours can be in industrial production. People usually think of large quantities of production. The number seems to reach tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, or even more.customers use machine tools produced by joint grinding groups for small -scale and super small batch production. Each product they manufactured is almost a single piece. This example shows that there is another type of industrial production.

EWAG grinding machineewagmatic line


Dutch company Van FRANKENHUYZEN BV manufacture small -batch high -end tools. It involves precision knife made from abnormal durability materials (such as: PCD - polycrystalline of diamond).The tools made of this material include the repostering blade and milling cutter, which are used for different cutting operations.These include non -iron and non -metallic materials (such as: special plastic, rubber, ceramic or composite materials) with accurate size and reliable process of turning, milling, drilling and cutting.

pcd toolscvd toolsceramics tools

ultra-hard cutting tools are widely used

PCD tools (also made of polycrystalline boron nitride - PCBN and chemical gas precipitation CVD) for automotive, medical equipment, aerospace and air, and mechanical manufacturing industries.

Tailor -made tools -only five days

customers are equipped with a tablet computer and the corresponding software interface. They can determine the geometric shape and size of the tool they want by input the window. After entering all the required data, online quotation will be made.After the customer agrees with this quotation and confirm it, production will be automatically started. The purpose of this is to complete the manufacturing of these tools within a maximum of five working days and deliver them to customers.To this end, EWAG'S Laser Line and EWAMATIC LINE machine tools are used to grind the tools or laser processing of CVD tools."Our task is to make the entire grinding and laser processing processes including programming  automation.


In this project, the accuracy of the requirements reaches the highest level; the ultra-hard tool must be processed within the tolerance range of +/- 0.003 mm. For PCBN and PCD tools, a EWAMATIC LINE machine will be used;After the processing is completed, Walter's measuring machine will finalize the parts and complete the measurement report.Because CVD materials are highly homogeneous, they are harder than natural diamonds. Therefore, they need to use laser rough processing. In this regard, an EWAG'S Laser Line is used. When processing the next precision, we need to do grinding sperm processing on a dedicated single -crystal tools grinding machine.


Over the past few months, the equipment has been in production and operation. The biggest challenge is parameter settings and automatic processes. Before achieving this goal, the programming and equipment time are long. Now, this situation no longer exists;It was once suspicious, and now dreams come true: the production of super hard tools has been fully carried out automatically. Similarly, personnel adopt this method to improve production efficiency by about 30%. FRANKENHUYZEN and EWAG have made this project a reality through good close cooperation. For other customers, they can also learn from similar methods.

what moresupehard can do for you 5 days made tools?

1.if you need all set grinding solutions,please contact us freely,we wll try our best to meet your requirements.

2.if you have your own grinding machine,but the tools precision not reach what you need,why not try diamond grinding wheel from moresuperhard?

Moresuperhard provide you vitrified ,resin and metal diamond grinding wheel for your pcd/cvd/pcbn/carbide tools grinding.We can recommend the most efficient and econimic diamond grinding wheel for you.Moresuperhard dimaond grinding wheel suits all popular grinding machine like EWGA,COBORN,AHATHON.WAIDA,WENDT.Let's see what we can provide:

vitrified diamond grinding wheel for pcd/pcbn/cvd toolsresin diamond grinding wheel for carbide tools


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