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Do your pcd tools need peripheral grinding?

2023-02-22 18:02:20

Every things all can be peripheral ground,ultra-hard material cutting tools grinding please choose moresuperhard peripheral vitrified diamond grinding wheel.

Moresuperhard compnay has launched peripheral diamond grinding wheel for peripheral grinding PCD, CBN, cemented carbide, ceramics, cermets and other indexable inserts, flat inserts, milling cutters, cutting inserts, brazing inserts, and machine clip inserts. At present, it has been successfully equipped with high-end peripheral grinding machines such as  WAIDA, EWAG, AGATHON, and WENDT, and has won unanimous praise from customers.

peripheral diamond grinding wheel

The advantages of moresuperhard peripheral diamond grinding wheel

✳There is almost no clogging in the grinding process and no need for dressing;

✳The cutting edge quality of the grinding workpiece is consistent and the finish is high;

✳Grinding efficiency is 30%-50% higher than that of peers, and the service life is increased by 2-3 times;

✳Under the tool microscope, the magnification is 300 times, and the blade chipping can be controlled within 3μm;

It can comprehensively improve the performance of the grinding wheel, save manpower, improve processing efficiency, minimize production loss and downtime, and truly help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency.

More destails about our peripheral diamond grinding wheel ,please click the picture

all specifications of diamond peripheral grinding wheel

Since Moresuperhard conpany establishment, moresuperhard as a system supplier, has been exclusively providing complete pcd/pcbn/mcd tools grinding solutions for our clients. Develop correct and professional grinding solutions for every need of clients, help customers to respond quickly to changing customer needs, and consolidate their market position.

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